Stranger Things: What would have happened to Barb if she survived?

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Barb and Nancy go separate ways

As we’ve seen so many times before in movies, shows, and real life, friends do go their separate ways eventually. Sometimes, that happens because of romantic relationships.

Barb and Nancy are no different. Nancy is following her heart, and Barb does not believe she is being true to herself. That’s never going to end well.

Barb would find other friends and watch from afar as Nancy and Steve’s relationship fizzled. There was no chance that was really going to last, not without Steve being totally humbled anyway. Eventually, he gets to that point, but that’s largely because of what happened with Nancy. If Steve got the girl in season 1, there’s no way he gets a redemption story and ends up as a likable character in future seasons.

If Barb and Nancy never became friends again after their big fight, I think I know where the writers would have taken Barb’s storyline: To Scoops Ahoy.

That would be incredible! Barb working with Steve, the dude who broke up Nancy and Barb’s friendship? Classic. Maybe that’d be the way that Nancy and Barb would become friends again? Maybe we’d see Barb and Steve become friends? That’d be great!

Obviously, we’d have to meet Robin another way in Stranger Things, but Barb and Steve being forced to work together at an ice cream shop would be terrific storytelling. I’d love to see what would happen!

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