Stranger Things: What would have happened to Barb if she survived?

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things
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Barb leaves Steve’s house

You think Barb should leave Steve’s house! I’m not sure about that choice, but friends have to stick together.

After Barb leaves Steve’s house, she obviously goes home and does homework. That’s just what Barb would do. But, does she resent Nancy for the choices she is making? Does she hold it against Nancy that Nancy dragged her to that party and then ditched her?

If so, she and Nancy would probably have a fight, right? They’re best friends, and Barb isn’t one to hold back. She lets Nancy know how she feels.

With the way Nancy was feeling, that would surely blow up into a fight.

Barb would let Nancy know how Nancy’s actions made her feel.

Nancy would tell Barb to mind her own business and stop being such a loser. That would definitely hurt Barb’s feelings, especially because she just went to the party to support Nancy.

We’ve seen fights like these in so many movies and shows, and they can go in either direction.

Now, your next choice is very important. You have to pick what happens in the aftermath of the fight between Nancy and Barb.

Nancy and Barb remain friends. This is just a little blip on the radar. 

Nancy and Barb go their separate ways. Nancy has picked Steve and his friends over Barb.