Stranger Things cast: Where were they during the 1980s?

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Stranger Things cast: Paul Reiser

Paul Reiser joined the cast of Stranger Things back in season 2 as Dr. Sam Owens. The character takes over control of the Hawkins National Lab following the “death” of Dr. Brenner.

Dr. Owens is the point of contact between Hopper, Joyce, and Will at the lab. He starts treating Will for the visions that he’s having. He also helps the Hawkins Heroes escape from the lab when the Mind Flayer attacks.

The last time we see Dr. Owens is in Stranger Things season 3. Joyce and Hopper call Dr. Owens, who arrives at the Starcourt Mall with the US Cavalry, as Steve calls them. We’ll likely see Reiser again in the series. Hopefully, it will be in Stranger Things season 4.

Reiser was a stand-up comedian, and he starred in a bunch of popular ’80s shows and movies, including Mad About You, Aliens, Diner, and the Beverley Hills Cop franchise.

Of the actors on this list, Reiser was the most active during the ’80s. The titles listed above are some huge hits! I highly recommend watching those movies and shows right now!