Stranger Things season 4 and more Netflix shows we can’t wait to see in 2021

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Is Ozark coming back in 2020?

Ozark is coming back for a fourth and final season on Netflix. After the incredible third season, which premiered in March 2020, Netflix ordered a two-part fourth and final season.

There will be seven episodes in each part of Ozark season 4.

Production on Ozark season 4 is slated to begin in November 2020 in and around Atlanta, Georgia. There was concern for a while that would not happen, but with Stranger Things, Red Notice, and other Netflix shows and movies getting the green light to start filming in Georgia, it looks promising for Ozark season 4.

Ozark typically has long gaps between seasons, and we’re expecting a similar gap for season 4. At the earliest, we’ll see Ozark season 4 on Netflix in late summer or early fall 2021. It might even be November or December before we see the first half of the final season.

We’re very confident that we’ll see Ozark season 4 on Netflix sometime next year. It makes no sense for split the season into two parts and then wait a super long time to release the first half of the season.

Unless there is a big delay in production, Ozark season 4 should premiere next year. We’ll likely have to wait until 2022 to see the second half of Ozark season 4.