5 biggest moments from Lovecraft Country episode 7: “I Am”

Lovecraft Country. Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO
Lovecraft Country. Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO /

Here are the five biggest moments from the seventh episode of the HBO horror-fantasy drama series Lovecraft Country, “I Am.”

Lovecraft Country has easily exceeded all expectations, and every episode continues to enthrall viewers with unexpected twists that only heighten everyone’s curiosity as to what could happen next. Every time viewers think they have a handle on where things are going in the critically acclaimed HBO series, things take an unexpected turn making this adaptation of the 2016 Matt Ruff written dark fantasy novel unlike anything else out there.

Seven episodes in and this story keep on getting crazier as it introduces its own Lovecraftian take on time travel, showcasing some of the interesting effects this new development will have on the rest of the exhilarating and thought-provoking first season. Of all the impactful moments Leti, Ruby, Tic, and Hippolyta experience in the visually stunning and well-written iteration, “I Am,” these are the five that stand out the most.

Lovecraft Country episode 7: The William reveal

The latest Lovecraft Country endeavor doesn’t waste any time in getting into the first of its many shocking reveals with being introduced to the real William lying in a bed being drained for his blood, which is apparently an essential ingredient for the transformation potion to work. Viewers also see Dell, aka Hillary Davenport, in a bed next to him, indicating that is where the concoction that enables Ruby’s alter ego comes from.

During this ordeal, we learn that Christina enlisted William to teach her magic to impress her father when she realized she could do so much more than that pitiful task. While she is driven by getting revenge for what Captain Lancaster did, Ms. Braithwhite has much bigger plans in store, and it will be interesting to see what else she has up her sleeve and, furthermore, how she will utilize it to her advantage before the first season ends.

Lovecraft Country episode 7: The time machine and the murder

Hippolyta eventually figures out the secret to unlocking the key hidden in the orrery, aka the gold solar system model. She takes the coordinates she also finds within the device and makes her way to Mayfield, where she stumbles upon a machine that opens up a wormhole in the space-time continuum.

In the chaos of this game-changing phenomenon, Hippolyta is forced to shoot one of the policemen that arrived on the scene who Captain Lancaster put in charge of guarding the facility in which the machine was being held. Luckily she doesn’t stick around at the crime scene as she ends up going through the wormhole to an extraordinary place.

Lovecraft Country episode 7: Seraphina AKA Beyond C’est

Hippolyta first arrives on a strange planet in front of a giant glowing hub. Then she wakes up inside with no clothes on, and some purple alien technology is infused in her arms.

She meets a tall futuristic-looking black woman sporting a very stylish afro. In the credits, her name reads as Seraphina AKA Beyond C’est.

She then gave Hippolyta the nudge she needs to take a wild trip to the past, first dancing on stage in Paris with Josephine Baker and then back to fight as part of an all-female group of militant warriors that fought in the 19th century in regions in West Africa.

Lovecraft Country episode 7: Hippolyta reunites with George

After Hippolyta finishes up her epic blast from the past encounters, she makes her way to her bed, but this time its when George is still around. She tells him all about her adventures with Seraphina AKA Beyond C’est, Josephine Baker, and fighting in the tribe wars before having an emotional discussion involving some necessary self-reflection.

But after that, they suit up in some stellar space outfits and encounter some extraterrestrials on a foreign planet together. The entire affair played out like the vibrantly stunning fantasy comic created by their daughter Diana, resulting in some more exemplary work form the costume and set design departments.

Lovecraft Country, written by Uncle George

Hippolyta wasn’t the only one thrown into the wormhole. Atticus also made his way through the time-bending portal but also managed to make his way back, but this time he had a very intriguing time in his hand.

If there is on the thing that can be said about Lovecraft Country is its emphasis on the notion that there is never a dull moment when one has a book in their hands. Tic has a copy of a book called Lovecraft Country, and instead of being authored by Matt Ruff, this copy has the name George Freeman on it, and the cover depicts an image resembling Hippolyta standing before the giant glowing hub.

Did Hippolyta change the past when she told George her story, and then he turned it into a book, or is Tic in another dimension? Only time will tell, and with only three episodes left, its anyone guess as to what will happen next on the remaining installments of HBO’s Lovecraft Country.

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