5 biggest moments from Lovecraft Country episode 6: “Meet Me in Daegu”

Lovecraft Country season 1. Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO
Lovecraft Country season 1. Photograph by Eli Joshua Ade/HBO /

Lovecraft Country episode 6 recap

Lovecraft Country offered fans a tension-filled blast from the past that unveiled Atticus’s difficult time in the war and revealed his encounter with the mysterious Ji-Ah.

After cryptic phone messages, attacking him in a soldier’s uniform, and playing red princess in Tic’s fantasy, viewers finally got some insight into Mr. Freeman’s first run-in with an otherwordly creature.

Letitia, Hippolyta, Montrose, Ruby, and the Braithwhites sit this one out as the focus is all on Ji-Ah, how she meets Atticus, and how she is not at all what she seems.

Of all the hauntingly brilliant affairs the first season of the TV series has unleashed on its subscribers, this is by far one of the best, and of all the spectacular occurrences that went down before the credits rolled, these are without a doubt the five biggest moments from Lovecraft Country’s “Meet Me in Daegu.”

1. Kumiho alert!

Everyone that was into Pokemon remembers that Vulpix evolves in Ninetails. It becomes a little disconcerting when one finds out that it is based on a Kumiho, which is a monstrous creature that seduces and kills its victims. And then it becomes even more disturbing when you see one in action with the nine tails coming out of Jaime Chung into a man to consume his soul during coitus. Yup, there no coming back from that.

We all knew there had to be something crazy going on with Ji-Ah, and now we see that she is, in fact, a Kumiho, which is a fox-like creature that appears in tales and legends from Korea. Watching the tentacle-like tails emerge from all over her body attacking her victim and showing her his entire life before taking his soul was a chilling spectacle and quickly made Ji-Ah a fan favorite among Lovecraft Country’s most loyal followers.

2. Ji-Ah’s monstrous origins

The next time we see the Ji-Ah post tail attack, her mother is cleaning up the blood on the ground when the two begin to discuss what she really is. We quickly learn that when the Kumiho came into play, Ji-Ah was gone along with all her memories, leaving the creature inhabiting her body like a vessel.

She was summoned into Ji-Ah’s body after her father sexually assaulted her, and her mother did this in order to protect her daughter. When the Kumiho consumes 100 souls, the creature will leave, and her daughter will be returned. But Kumiho Ji-Ah doesn’t want to change, and she is just shy of making the necessary kill count for transformation.

3. Atticus the Executioner

War is never an easy thing to experience, and more often than not, the terrible situation forces people to do things they would rather soon forget. We all knew that Atticus did some things overseas that he wasn’t proud of, leaving people’s imaginations to fill in the blanks until we saw one of them up close and personal.

Ji-Ah’s friend Young-Ja isn’t very good at being a spy as the Americans find out there is a communist mole in the nurse’s ward giving away information. All of the nurses she works with during a certain shift are brought to a checkpoint and kneel so they can be shot in the head easier if they do not comply. Atticus is asked to take over when the first soldier’s pistol jams and shoots the nurse in the head that is right next to Ji-Ah. As he is about to shoot Ji-Ah, Young-Ja reveals she is the spy. She is beaten and taken away, and Ji-Ah is not very pleased with Tic for the moment.

4. Ji-Ah’s vision of Tic’s fate

Ji-Ah eventually sees the good in Tic and how he has been torn apart by the war. The two begin to become very close, and Ji-Ah believes she can control her tails and maintain a healthy sexual relationship with Private Freeman.

But one night, while they are together, she is unable to control her tails, and she sees into Atticus’ mind and soul. She stops herself from killing him, but in the process is shown a vision that indicated Tic would die if we went home. In the previous episode, this was touched upon in the closing moments when he confirmed her prophecy by translating some of the pages they received from the vault under the museum.

5. Is the fox still in play?

Ji-Ah and her mother return to the woman who summoned the Kumiho in the first place. When they get, their Ji-Ah sees a fox staring at her in the middle of the wilderness and then is told by the Shaman that her mortal concerns that of her mother and Atticus are meaningless.

She continues to ask if her vision will come true and if Tic will die, to which she responds by doing a ritual to see her future. The woman claims that the Kumiho has not become one with the darkness yet and will consume many more souls before her journey is over, possibly indicating that we have not seen the last of Ji-Ah in Lovecraft Country.

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