Dress Up as David Rose From Netflix’s Schitt’s Creek For This Year’s Halloween Costume

Last night at the 2020 Emmy Awards, our favorite neurotic family from Schitt’s Creek won 5 awards. Most notably the show won all four acting categories for comedy not to mention they won the coveted best comedy show award overall. For all the die-hard fans out there, this is outstanding news, and for those who haven’t seen the Canadian sitcom yet, now is the time to start. As Halloween approaches we suspect the Rose family will be some of the top costumes this year. From Moira’s seemingly infinite amount of wigs to David’s black and white graphic sweaters the possibilities are endless and will stand out. If David Rose is the character you love the most, then here is your starter kit to get his outfits to make the perfect Halloween costume this year.

Get David Rose's outfit for this year's Halloween costume.

Cool Lightning Bolt T-Shirts/Amazon

Lightning Bolt Print Sweatshirt

David Rose is known for his signature black and white graphic sweaters. Many of which feature lightening bolts. This one is almost identical to the one he wears in Season 3. Now available on Amazon ($29) not only will you get to add something to your everyday wardrobe, but people will instantly recognize who you are at any Halloween party.

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Get David Rose's outfit for this year's Halloween costume.


White Oval Sunglasses

A mainstay of David’s is his white 60’s oval sunglasses. Throughout the entire series David has these with him. Not only do they go with his black and white theme, but they also add a flair of vintage. An easy addition to the costume, these sunglasses on Amazon ($10) could also help if you want to go as Kurt Cobain for a different Halloween party later on.

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Get David Rose's outfit for this year's Halloween costume.


Set of 3 Silver Metal Knuckle Rings

Every outfit has to have a bit of bling to show off how fashionable you are, and David Rose knows this. These silver knuckle rings are an interchangeable accessory tha the character has on him at all times. The rings come as a set of 3 on Amazon ($12) so you can mix and match the positioning of these rings while you act like David.

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Get the Schitt's Creek logo shirt for this year's Halloween costume.


Schitt’s Creek Short Sleeve Logo T-Shirt in Black

If you simply just love the show or want to make absolutely sure people know who you are dressing up as this t-shirt should do the trick. The show’s logo is one of the most recognized symbols and now that it is available at Target ($13) there is practically no reason not to get it for a Halloween costume or as a gift for a hardcore fan.

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