5 great shows to watch this weekend on Netflix: Ratched and more


A list of great shows to watch this weekend on Netflix, including Ratched

The fall season is upon us, and for a lot of us, that means more TV watching. Especially on the weekends. With Netflix’s “more like this” feature, you can browse shows that you enjoy to find something similar.

Sometimes these shows don’t fit the bill when you are looking for something to watch. Below we have some great new and old recommendations for your weekend binging.


The newest must-watch series has finally been released on Netflix and is receiving mixed reviews. Ratched is the story of the famed Nurse Ratched, who became popular in the book and film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. 

This series is an origin series chronicling how Nurse Ratched, who is played by Sarah Paulson, became the nurse who terrorizes her patients. Paulson is joined by Finn Wittrock, Jon Jon Briones, Cynthia Nixon, Judy Davis, Sharon Stone, Sophie Okonedo, Stan Van Winkle, and Brandon Flynn.

The series is created and produced by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story and Scream Queens). If you are a fan of crime drama’s be sure to check this one out.

Call the Midwife

The ninth season of the period drama Call the Midwife released this past week, so be sure to check out the new season.

If you have never watched this series and a fan of The Crown and Alias Grace, you will most likely enjoy this series.

It follows the lives of a group of nurses who work in the East End of London in the1950 and 60s. They tackled important issues of the period and the casting is excellent.

Jessica Raine, Miranda Hart, Helen George, Bryony Hannah, Laura Main, Jenny Agutter, Pam Ferris and Judy Parfitt are just a few of the stars in this long-running series. It is charmingly narrated by Vanessa Redgrave, who voices an older Jenny, played by Raine.

The Great British Baking Show

If you are a fan of baking or cooking shows, you need to check out The Great British Baking Show.  The latest season of the series will air on Sept. 25, giving time to binge the currently available seasons on Netflix.

This series puts amateur bakers up against one another to be named Great Britain’s best baker. They are judge on their skills in bread making, pastries, desserts and cakes. They are working to impress the judges to avoid being the contestant that is eliminated during a specific round. And, each round, the goals get more technical tackling a new skill with more difficulty.

It is a great reality show that feels authentic, and you may just be inspired to try one of the recipes yourself.

The Good Place

Next week, The Good Place season 4 will be released to stream on Netflix. This is the finale season for the series, so this weekend will be a great time to check out the series.

The Good Place stars Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop, who, upon her death, is welcomed into “the Good Place,” a heavenly oasis. Soon after her arrival, Elenor realizes there has been a mistake, and she didn’t end up where she should have been.

Bell is joined by Jameela Jamil, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper, D’arcy Carden, Manny Jacinto, Adam, Scott and Maya Rudolph. This series is hilarious and the plot is original.

October Faction

This series is a Netflix Original that first aired in January 2020. October Fraction was canceled after one season, and although it did receive some harsh reviews, there are people out there who really enjoyed the series.

The series follows the monster-hunting Allen family and adapts a comic series of the same name. Created by Damian Kindler (Krypton), the series stars Tamra Taylor, J.C. Mackenzie, Aurora Burghart and Gabriel Darku.

The official synopsis reads:

"“October Faction follows Fred(J.C. Mackenzie)) and Deloris Allen (Tamara Taylor) who, after the death of Fred’s father, return to their hometown in New York with their 17-year-old twins, Geoff (Gabriel Darku) and Viv (Aurora Burghart). Subsequently, Geoff and Viv’s lives are turned upside down when they discover their seemingly unremarkable insurance sales rep parents are, in fact, trained assassins who hunt monsters.”"

So, what are you watching on Netflix this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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