5 most underrated Stranger Things characters

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix

5 most underrated Stranger Things characters

Stranger Things is the most popular show on Netflix, and one of the main reasons the show is so popular is because of these incredible, dynamic characters featured in the show. The Stranger Things characters are some of the most well-rounded characters on all of TV right now.

Many of the Stranger Things characters are beloved by fans for good reason. Everyone talks about Eleven, Hopper, Dustin, Steve, Robin, Bob, Alexei, and Joyce, and some of those characters don’t necessarily get the support they deserve.

So, below, we put together a list of the five most underrated Stranger Things characters right now.

Let’s kick things off with Karen Wheeler, Mike and Nancy’s mom.

Underrated Stranger Things characters: Karen Wheeler

Karen Wheeler, played by Cara Buono, is a scene-stealer, and that was very apparent in the third season of the series. Finally, the creative team gave Karen a little bit of room to shine, and Buono killed it!

Let’s be real: Karen is basically a single mother. Other than Ted’s likely financial contribution to the Wheeler family’s success, she’s pretty much the only one holding the family together. She’s raising a toddler and two teenagers in a town where there are monsters. Of course, she’s under a wild amount of stress, but she holds it together well. She’s a rockstar for being able to do that!

Over the course of three seasons, we see that Karen isn’t just the oblivious TV mother. There’s a complex character here who is overworked, undervalued by her kids, not getting anything satisfying from her marriage, and wants something new. There’s this inner conflict with Karen that a lot of people can probably understand.

My favorite scene involving Karen is her speech to Nancy in Stranger Things 3 after Nancy gets fired from the Hawkins Post. It’s Karen’s best moment in the series.

Two seasons earlier, Karen tries to have another conversation like that with Nancy after Nancy comes home from Steve’s and is upset. Nancy won’t talk to her, though.

Karen is always there for her kids when they need her, and that’s one of the reasons she makes such a good character.

I’m really excited to see what’s next for Karen in season 4. I have a feeling there are some big changes on the way!

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