Netflix needs to make a Work It sequel

Work It -- Courtesy of Brendan Adam-Zwelling/Netflix
Work It -- Courtesy of Brendan Adam-Zwelling/Netflix /

Work It premiered on Netflix last week and the ending left viewers with some burning questions about what comes next for our favorite motley dance crew.

Starring the fabulous duo Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy, the new film will make you want to put on some music and bust a move in your living room. The movie features an A+ soundtrack, some amazing dance routines, and an adorable romance between Quinn (Carpenter) and Jake (Jordan Fisher).

Let’s breakdown all the reasons why Netflix needs to announce a sequel to Work It ASAP.

Why Netflix needs to make Work It 2

Work It is a fun movie about friendship and dancing to the beat of your own drum, but the film leaves us with some loose ends that need to be tied up.

Jas achieves her lifelong goal of being recruited to her dream dance school in New York. Julliard/Isaiah is also recruited to his dream school in the Big Apple, and despite her initial desire to attend Duke University, Quinn is invited to check out NYU. That means that several of the main characters might be jetting off to New York City, so a little high school reunion wouldn’t be far-fetched.

If Quinn does attend NYU, that leaves her relationship with Jake up in the air. Plus, I absolutely have to know if Jas and that mattress store employee stay together, or if she pursues other options at college.

If a sequel is on the horizon, I’m wondering if fans will learn what happened to the other members of TBD. We may know what lies ahead for Jas and Quinn, but what about the rest of the gang?

TBD had some fire moves, so it would be interesting to see if any other members of the group decided to pursue dancing. Would the sequel feature the same cast, or would TBD get some new recruits? Only time will tell! Netflix, let’s make another Work It!

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