10 best moments from Stranger Things 3, one year later

Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things 3 - Credit: Netflix /
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Stranger Things 3
Stranger Things 3 – Credit: Netflix /

7. “I dump your ass”

Love never fails, right? This moment in season 3 featured an iconic line that will stick with this series forever.

Yes, we are ranking certain moments throughout the season, but for this one, you can take the entire sequence of Eleven throughout this episode.

Coming into season 3, we didn’t know what the relationship between Max and Eleven would be. At the end of season 2, when Max and Eleven first met, Eleven was not the friendliest toward Max as she ignored her handshake and didn’t speak to her for the rest of the season.

But I believe, once Eleven realized Max wasn’t interested in Mike, things were fine between the two girls.

In episode 2 of season 3, Eleven reaches out to Max for relationship advice and Max pretty much told Eleven that there are more things to life than stupid boys. She took Eleven out to the Starcourt Mall for the first time ever and they had “girl” time.

At this moment, Eleven started to find herself. She started to dress the way she wanted to dress. She started to do the things she wanted, without Mike or Hopper in her ear.

When leaving the mall, the girls run into the boys, which sparks a conversation between Mike and Eleven. She asked Mike why he was lying, and like most guys in this situation, he had nothing to say.

Then Eleven walked closer to Mike, stared him in the eyes, and with confidence and attitude said, “I dump your ass!”

6. Billy gets possessed

What a way to kick off season 3!

Coming into season 3, the cast and crew all said the same thing as far as what the season would be about: darker and scarier.

They weren’t lying.

In the very first episode, we get to see exactly who would be the first person to be possessed by the Mind Flayer. We kind of had a feeling Will was safe from that, but you never know with the Duffers.

Billy Hargrove was the main target for the Mind Flayer, and we quickly find that out.

Happy and on his way to his date with Karen Wheeler, Billy, while driving, is struck by an object which forces him to crash his car at the Brimborn Steel Works warehouse, which we later find out is the source.

As Billy wipes the slime off the windshield of his now crashed car, we quickly see a flash of some type of monster.

As Billy shouts out loud asking who’s there,he is quickly grabbed and dragged down the stairs of the warehouse, where he becomes possessed by the Mind Flayer.

This scene is intense, dark, and downright scary which is why it is so high on our list for top moments of season3!