5 feel-good shows to watch during quarantine

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Anne with an E, Best feel-good shows:
Anne with an E is the perfect example of feel-good shows.. Image Courtesy Ben Mark Holzberg/Netflix /

5 feel-good shows to watch while stuck at home

We’re all spending much more time at home than we’re used to, even if rules have relaxed in some places, and then tightened up again, and so on. And truthfully, it doesn’t seem like the amount of time we’re likely to spend on our couches, browsing through the streaming service of our choice, is going to change anytime soon.

So we all need stuff to watch.

But sometimes we don’t want to watch a show that’s going to make us worry. We don’t want death and pain, we just want light angst, and happiness, heartfelt messages, and hey, maybe even some songs! This is why, today, I bring you some feel-good shows to binge-watch during this lock-down, starting with …

Best feel-good shows: Anne With An E

Yes, I put Anne With An E on basically every list I write, but the show deserves to be on basically every one. Yes, it was canceled way too soon, yes it deserves more, and yes, it’s absolutely worth watching despite that.

It isn’t all happiness and roses. Anne With An E deals with some important, serious topics, but it does so with so much heart that, even when you’re an adult who isn’t necessarily watching this show to learn its lessons, you end up finding new ways of looking at life… and people.

That’s the magic of Anne, it always has been. You’ll laugh, and maybe you’ll cry a bit, but you’ll come out of it thankful that you took the time to travel to Green Gables and get to know the people there. And no matter what the future holds, Anne, Gilbert, Marilla, Matthew, Diana, and the rest, well they’ll remain in your heart forever.