Stranger Things season 4: 5 supporting characters who need to return

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Stranger Things season 4
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We met Keith (Matty Cardarople) in season 2 of Stranger Things when Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will all went to hang out at the Palace Arcade. With his iconic bag of Cheetos in hand, Keith was more than ready to tease the kids whenever the visit and try to convince them to get him a date with Mike’s sister, Nancy, in exchange for information on who “MADMAX” was, since MADMAX beat Dustin’s high score on Dig Dug.

In Stranger Things 3, Keith appeared at the end as an employee at Hawkins Family Video store where he offered a job to Robin, and then to Steve (with a little convincing from Robin) after the huge battle that destroyed Hawkins’ Starcourt Mall.

Keith may not be one of the first characters fans would think of when considering who they would like to see come back, but I would love to see more of Keith moving forward to Stranger Things season 4. I personally think it would be interesting to see him have to step up to the plate more, whether that’s through his knowledge of movies or video games or his connections to the kids, Robin, and Steve. Could he even be worthy of becoming an additional member of the Scoops Troop? (fingers crossed they stay together in season 4!)

Let’s be honest though, we all just want to hear him call the kids “wastetoids” again.