10 best TV shows on Netflix to pair with pizza night

The Witcher on Netflix, photo credit: Katalin Vermes
The Witcher on Netflix, photo credit: Katalin Vermes /
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BoJack Horseman, Netflix
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Looking for a show to watch after ordering or making a pizza? Netflix has a ton of series that fit the bill, but some are better than others.

Watching TV while eating a pizza is one of the best, most relaxing pastimes known to man. Whether you like watching intense dramas, crime shows, comedies, or sci-fi, almost everyone enjoys watching their favorite show while devouring five slices of pizza. But some shows make this self-care activity more enjoyable than others. Here are the ten best Netflix shows to watch after getting a pizza.

10. Stranger Things

What better way to spend a night with a delicious pizza (or two) than by watching Mike and his friends fight off the Demogorgon from trying to destroy their town? Stranger Things has everything you could want from a show: great characters (including Hopper who is alive!), a captivating story, scary moments, and a bit of romance. It takes you on an adventure you can escape into while you shovel slices into your mouth. What more could you want?

9. Lucifer

Need a show to binge-watch while your enjoying your pizza? All four seasons of Lucifer are ready to watch on Netflix right now. That’s plenty of episodes to keep you entertained while you devour a pepperoni pizza.

It’s the devil helping to solve crimes, what more could you want? But he doesn’t only need to worry about the crimes in LA, he also must deal with his own issues with his parents and his brother, Amenadiel.

It also doesn’t help that his feelings for Chloe begin to grow as the seasons go on and that she still doesn’t know he’s actually the devil. When she does find out…well, you might need another pizza for that.

8. How to Get Away with Murder

What goes better with pizza than murder and mayhem? How to Get Away with Murder has that and more. Looking for some drama with your meat lovers pie? There’s not another show on the air that has more drama than this one. Multiple murders, a thousand secrets, juicy romances, and no one is who they say they are.

If you haven’t given How to Get Away with Murder a chance, now’s the time. Crash on the couch with your cheesy carb extravaganza and binge-watch all five seasons of the show. You might think you know where the show is going, but you’ll be wrong every time. It’s what makes the show so captivating.

7. Riverdale

Oh Riverdale! If you need a break from the news, Riverdale can be your escape. It’s campy, cheesier than your pizza, and utterly enjoyable. If you don’t take it too seriously, you should have a great Friday night binge-watching this CW show.

What other series can give you a musical number outside a jailhouse or a teenage boy starting a cult/gang intent on catching a killer? Who knew Archie was so violent when we used to read the comics? And of course, this is also the series that gives us the magnificence that is Cheryl Blossom. Riverdale is the perfect show to check out when you’re digging into your favorite pizza.

6. Black Mirror

If you want to check out something a little different and a whole lot darker while enjoying a couple of slices of pizza, Black Mirror is the perfect series for you. It may not be the most calming show in the world, but it’ll definitely allow you to escape into each episode you watch.

The anthology series shows how different aspects of our lives (reality TV, technology, social media, etc.) could go terribly wrong if they’re taken too far.

Over the past five seasons, the series has starred Hayley Atwell, Andrew Scott, Anthony Mackie, and even Miley Cyrus. If you’re a Twilight Zone fan, Black Mirror is right up your alley.