Grey’s Anatomy: 5 characters most likely to die in season 17

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With news that one Grey’s Anatomy character is living on borrowed time, we can’t help but to wonder whether these five characters could be in facing an untimely death in Grey’s Anatomy season 17.

Like many shows, Grey’s Anatomy was forced to wrap its current season sooner than expected due to the coronavirus pandemic which forced studios to shut down production. As a result, Grey’s Anatomy wrapped its sixteenth season four episodes earlier than anticipated and was therefore unable to tackle the storylines planned out for the final episodes of the season.

Although season 16 still managed to leave viewers on the edge of their seats with its makeshift finale, leaving many storylines left unanswered, it turns out the writers had quite an explosive finale planned for season 16.

As reported by TVLine, the season 16 finale was to feature a “cataclysmic event that would have likely claimed the life of a major character.” In other words, the unexpected early end to the season may have helped to bide some time for one character, though it seems likely death will come knocking at the character’s door come next season.

With a large ensemble cast and a history of shocking deaths, there’s no telling which Grey’s Anatomy character might have been headed for the great beyond in the season 16 finale; however, we have a few ideas of who might be in danger come season 17.

Grey’s Anatomy characters most likely to die in season 17

5. Dr. Owen Hunt

In the season 16 finale, we saw Owen’s heart broken as he learned the truth about Teddy’s affair with Tom. The big reveal worked as a solid season-ender, leaving the fate of the couple up in the air; however, what if the moment was part of a larger domino effect set to conclude with Owen’s death in the finale?

As a veteran character on the show, Owen’s death would create many new storylines for the writers to explore. We know he’s someone who is prone to run toward danger if it means helping someone in need and we’ve also seen him make rash decisions after life-altering moments. Perhaps his latest brush with danger would be his last setting up or an interesting storyline exploring the fallout of his death and how the likes of Teddy, Tom, and Amelia would cope with the loss.

4. Dr. Carina DeLuca

This season, the Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 writers have done a better job at establishing a shared universe with Grey’s characters crossing over on Station 19 more often. One of those characters has been Carina DeLuca who has been thrust into a fling with Station 19 Captain Maya Bishop.

While we doubt her relationship with Maya would put her in any danger, we could easily see Carina putting her life on the line to save her brother Andrew — who found himself in many precarious situations in season 16. Her death could be the turning point in Andrew seeking help and it would also create ripples on Station 19 thanks to her relationship with Maya.

3. Dr. Levi Schmitt

As much as it pains me to theorize about the death of any characters, there was definitely something off with Schmitt in the final episodes of season 16. His breakup with Nico had thrown him off his game, causing a shift in his usual demeanor.

Could those have been subtle hints that the worst had yet to come for Schmitt? As a secondary theory, perhaps it’s Nico we should be worrying about? After all, he was MIA in the final episodes of the season following his job change.

2. Dr. Jackson Avery

If Grey’s Anatomy was looking for a shocking death, the death of Dr. Jackson Avery would definitely check off that box. We all know the Grey’s Anatomy writers have no qualms with killing off veteran or fan-favorite characters and the death of Jackson would surely send shockwaves throughout the hospital.

It’s also worth noting that actor Jesse Williams seems to be itching to take on new projects and could possibly be ready to move on from the show. We’ve already seen him suit up on Station 19 and join Ben in the field, could the plan have perhaps been for Jackson to get too close to the action and pay the ultimate price for his misstep?

1. Dr. Andrew DeLuca

As anyone who has been following this season can attest, DeLuca has been on a collision course with danger all season with his mental state being a key focus of the season.

Given his reckless behavior in recent episodes, it doesn’t seem too farfetched to believe DeLuca’s actions could put his life in danger — though we’re uncertain how exactly an explosion could factor into the equation unless DeLuca were to attempt to play hero or make a reckless decision in a dangerous situation.

Which Grey’s Anatomy character on our list are you most concerned for and which characters do you feel could be in danger of being killed off in season 17?

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