Grey’s Anatomy season 16: 5 best moments from Put On a Happy Face

Grey’s Anatomy’s early season 16 finale left us with a lot of smiles—and questions.

Grey’s Anatomy had to end its 16th season early due to production halts surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, and last night was the “finale”. While many questions were answered, we still have many more regarding what the heck was supposed to originally happen at the end of the season.

I’m happy to report that we were given many things to celebrate about (thankfully!), and given that the show had to abruptly end the season, the team did the best it could. Honestly, apart from a couple of loose threads, the episode felt like it could have been a finale.

In true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, the mystery behind Richard’s mystery illness was finally resolved (thank you DeLuca) and all seems to be well on that front. Well, except for the whole “he remembers what Catherine did and isn’t happy with her at all” situation. But if I’m being honest, I was more than content with how that played out.

And then, of course, we got to see Amelia and Link bring their new baby into the world, and I was ugly crying by the end of it. I’ve been following Amelia’s story ever since Private Practice, and her journey has been a difficult one. To see her finally find some stable ground and happiness made me feel overwhelmed with joy.

There is plenty more to talk about, so let’s get right into some of the best moments from the Grey’s Anatomy season 16 finale. And yes, we will be talking about that voicemail.

Congratulations Link and Amelia!

It’s a boy! Ah, words can’t explain how much I loved this moment of the Grey’s Anatomy season 16 finale. I’ve already mentioned that I was a fan of Private Practice and have followed Amelia’s heartbreaking story since those early days. To see her finally get this happy ending is something that fills me with joy and happiness for her.

Plus, I love Link as a character on Grey’s Anatomy and feel he has brought a light to it that we were sorely lacking. He’s funny, he’s sweet, and he’s exactly the type of guy that is right for Amelia. I’m sad that we didn’t get to see them with the baby some more, but I look forward to seeing where they’re at when season 17 kicks off.

Richard’s mystery diagnosis is revealed!

I didn’t think we’d get here, or I was fearful that we were going to lose Richard altogether. But, alas, this was not the case. The season 16 finale was the turning point for Richard’s declining health and we can all thank DeLuca for figuring it out.

Yes, the same DeLuca that was asked to temporarily leave Grey Sloan because of his mental breakdown was the very same guy who figured out what was going on with Richard.

So what was going on with Richard? Apparently, he had a cobalt hip replacement that had busted and leaked the metal into his bloodstream. It was causing dementia, hallucinations, and all the other symptoms Richard was experiencing.

With Link’s expert ortho work, Richard’s shoddy hip replacement was taken out and replaced with a better one. Yes, he did miss his son’s birth because of it but hey, Richard is okay! And not only is Richard okay, but he put Catherine in her place the minute she showed up at his side.

The real Richard has stood up and remembers all the wrongs Catherine has committed against him. I can’t wait to see how season 17 handles this.

That awkward Teddy reveal

Honestly, I’m so over Teddy. I just can’t deal with her storyline and at this point in time, I’d rather she be written off. I know that sounds harsh but her story has been horrendous in season 16. Not only has she been cheating on Owen this entire time, but she’s playing with Koracick’s heart too.

It broke my heart when Owen thought he would be finally marrying the woman of his dreams, but instead got an awkward voicemail of Teddy moaning mid-sex with Koracick. Ugh, it was so cringy and I couldn’t control my annoyance with Teddy.

While my heart breaks for Owen, I’m semi-relieved he finally learned Teddy’s truth and has, for now, called off the wedding. He didn’t tell her and just had it “postponed”. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see how this played out but that is a confrontation I’m here for when Grey’s Anatomy returns.

Is DeLuca going to be okay?

DeLuca certainly had a “career-defining moment” in the season 16 finale, but it certainly ended on a somber note for him. His mental health has been declining throughout the season and I think after the whole Richard ordeal, he’s reached his breaking point.

I’m glad Meredith was a support for him throughout the finale and was there to help pick him up when he lost it at the end. However, I am bummed that due to the season ending early, we didn’t get to see how DeLuca’s story would play out. I think many of us wanted to see what came of the trafficking storyline—they never did explain what happened after that, did they?

New couple alert?

I know Grey’s Anatomy has been attempting to bring Meredith and Cormac together romantically. Well, it seems like that anyway, and it could potentially be happening. However, we won’t know until next season.

Honestly, I’m here for it!

Until next season, folks!

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