Grey’s Anatomy season 16: 5 best moments from Give a Little Bit

Grey's Anatomy (ABC/Kelsey McNeal)
Grey's Anatomy (ABC/Kelsey McNeal) /

Grey’s Anatomy tackles pro-bono surgery day, but it didn’t come without its hiccups.

Grey’s Anatomy is trudging along an interesting path for the back half of its season. I’m not sure where we’re going to end up when season 16 closes out, and I’m not sure I care as much as I’d like to. This episode marks two weeks since the horrendous Karev farewell episode, and while Jo is maintaining some chill about it, I’m totally not. I think I might be forever salty about this, folks.

Meredith was in charge of the pro-bono surgery day during this episode, and as expected, things got out of control. And I don’t just mean the scheduling conflicts. DeLuca breaks down and has a manic episode while treating one of his patients who he believes to be a victim of trafficking.

It was a very chaotic hour of drama, and I was left wondering where the heck DeLuca will end up when all is said and done for the season. But, on the bright side, Link and Amelia are doing better than ever (especially after those paternity test results). I’m so glad that Grey’s Anatomy realized this couple needs to stay together. We cannot afford to lose another couple we stan on this show. Please don’t ever put us through that again.

So, now, without further ado, let’s break down some of the stand-out moments from this week’s episode, “Give a Little Bit”

It’s pro-bono surgery day!

Can any healthcare professionals confirm if this is indeed something that happens? Because if it does, I think that’d be pretty amazing. Anyway, this episode of Grey’s Anatomy has Meredith leading the charge on this big day for Grey-Sloan Memorial. But such a task is easier said than done, and there are plenty of issues that pop up during the day.

By the end of the day, Meredith was at her wit’s end with all the roadblocks they had been coming across. She took it upon herself to announce that every single person there would get their pro-bono surgery because they would be extending the day past the set time. And they’d be doing this at least once a month.

Not sure Koracick is on board with this, but as he implied earlier, he definitely has his ways.


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So, is DeLuca going to be okay?

Guys, I’m worried about DeLuca. Each passing episode has shown that his mental status is deteriorating and this episode was a strong indication that things have gone really, really wrong.

Given his behavior lately, DeLuca is asked to work at the clinic, which initially seemed like the best idea at first. That is until he gets a patient he believes is a victim of trafficking. The episode leads us to believe this is just DeLuca completely diving off the deep end and wrongly accusing someone.

To be honest, even I believed that perhaps DeLuca was just imagining this to be the case. His coworkers try to corner him when he loses his chill and starts accusing the woman of trafficking the child in front of everyone. It’s a tough moment to see DeLuca crack, but he eventually makes a deal with Meredith and Bailey. If they call the National Trafficking Hotline, then he’ll calm down.

The plot twist comes when we learn DeLuca was right about the shady woman, but unfortunately, she leaves with the girl before anything can be done. And the episode ends with DeLuca speeding off on a motorcycle with no signs of slowing down…

Nico and Levi are…over

Honestly, I think most Grey’s Anatomy fans saw this coming. Nico has been a giant jerk this entire season, and Levi deserves better. I feel like all we’ve seen Nico do is use Levi for sex without giving him a proper relationship.

So, when Link passes along the job offer he initially got to Nico, and Nico accepts without even thinking about Levi, it’s the last straw for their relationship. I think it warranted a conversation with Levi, or at least a heads up. They were in a relationship after all.

I think Levi would have been incredibly supportive, but Nico just didn’t give it a chance. And I’m sort of happy about this because Levi deserves much, much better than this jerk!

Amelia and Link’s happily ever after

Finally, finallyGrey’s Anatomy gets it right with a love story. Amelia and Link are finally okay, and it feels so great. However, I did have a temporary freak out when I thought Link was going to take the new job. But he absolutely doesn’t want to, even though it’s his dream job.

I’m loving Link’s character, and while at first, I was skeptical of him, I’ve grown to love him! I’m really hoping that this relationship is a long-lasting one, and it results in a happily ever after that Amelia has been long overdue for.

Owen, Teddy, Koracick–you know the drill

If I can request anything of Grey’s Anatomy writers, it would be to please find a way to wrap up this weird love triangle that would be great. I don’t understand the point of repeating it over and over again, and it seems like it was so pointless to have Teddy and Koracick hook up again.

Owen Hunt deserves to catch a break and I thought he was finally going to have some stability in his life. But, nope. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

To make matters worse, I was so convinced Teddy was going to come clean about sleeping with Koracick. And then…she doesn’t.

Can we please get a happily ever after for Owen Hunt?

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