Grey’s Anatomy season 16: 5 best moments from Life on Mars?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16, Episode 17 reveals Amelia’s baby daddy and it’s…

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 chugs along with Episode 17 after it broke our hearts with the disappointing Alex Karev episode. I don’t even want to get into that so let’s just focus on this episode, shall we? This biggest focus was learning who the father of Amelia’s baby was.

I won’t give it away just yet, but let’s just say that now that it’s out there, we can finally move on. I think that is something that Grey’s Anatomy has really struggled with this season. In fact, there are certain arcs that they simply can’t stop repeating or getting stuck on. Case in point? Owen.

Will that guy ever catch a break? I mean, does everyone have to be his kid? And can he never just have a storyline where he finds true love and it stays that way?

I’m clearly still processing the letdown of the last Grey’s Anatomy episode, and there is still a lot of saltiness towards it. But I am annoyed over Owen’s story, and I just want the guy to have a happy ending, and I truly believed he almost had it this season.

Anyway, if you’re eager to find out what happens with Owen, and who Amelia’s baby daddy is, let’s get right into it below!

[SPOILER], you are the father

After episodes and episodes of the back and forth over who Amelia’s baby daddy is, we finally know! Grey’s Anatomy revealed it to us in the final moments of this week’s episode, and I have to say, I am happy with the result after the above rant.

If you haven’t seen the episode and have gotten down this far in the review, then now is the time to turn away before all is spoiled.

And the title of Daddy goes to…


Luckily, before Amelia reveals this to him, Link shows up at her doorstep declaring his love for her and saying he wants to be with her and the baby, regardless of if he is the father or not. Way to go, Link, you have won all around.

Congrats to the adorable couple and their future family, my heart is definitely content with how this all played out.

Sigh, Owen & Teddy

While one couple has figured out their happily ever after, another struggles to achieve it regardless of everything they’ve been through. And I have to say, I don’t blame Teddy 100% for this, but I sort of do. Owen has shown his devotion to her, but at the same time, he’s always going to have a soft spot for Amelia because of their past.

There was a lot of confusion over whether or not Owen knew about the big question mark that was Amelia’s baby daddy, but Teddy got an inkling based on her own intuition and some hinting from Maggie. Instead of talking to Owen about it (for reasons I do and don’t understand), she went to Koracick and slept with him.

Yup. That happened.

And when she finally does talk to Owen and he learns that he could potentially be the father, he pauses after Teddy asks what it means for them. Not the best time to take a pause, BUT, he did just get a truth bomb dropped on him and she needed to give him a minute to process.

…And then she went to sleep with Koracick again.

Richard Weber quits surgery

It is the end of days. Richard Weber is officially walking away from surgery, and my heart is broken. Grey’s Anatomy just keeps killing us with the brutal hits. Will it ever stop!?

This has been a rough season for Richard, especially with his marriage with Catherine (another botched storyline, in my opinion). They’re pretty much over, and she’s been extremely petty through it all. It’s disappointing to see what lengths she went to make him feel miserable, but alas, here we are.

It has brought Richard to a point where he’s ready to walk away from the one thing that defined him. I’m heartbroken, as I’m sure many of you are. But what hurts the most, perhaps, is seeing Bailey’s reaction to it.

Richard is her mentor, and always has been, and with him gone, it’s going to hit her hard.

Fine, let’s talk about Alex

It’s tough to see that Jo isn’t quite grasping the fact that Alex is gone, at least that’s how I feel. I think it’s so hard to really understand what has happened, but my heart breaks for. And I’m still so angry over how it all went down.

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy hones in on Meredith’s loss over losing her best friend. She feels really conflicted because her second “my person” is gone. And he just up and left, which if I was her, I would be livid over how he did.

It’s an episode of facing the things these characters have lost, and it will likely lay out what is going to happen in the episodes to come.

Bye, Jackson

Ugh, Jackson is the worst. I have gradually become more and more annoyed with him over these last few seasons. He’s not the best in relationships, and his latest one with Vic is just another example of why the should just be single for a while until he figures things out.

I LOVE how Vic puts him in his place during this episode after he whines about her moving in with him, and then after he tells her to leave, he gets mad at her for moving in with Dean. Make up your mind, boy–you can’t have everything the way you want!

Anyone else feel like saying–“Like mother, like son”.

Vic has had enough of the Jackson shenanigans and drops the “Bye, Jackson” on him real quick. Good for you, girl, GOOD FOR YOU!