5 Stranger Things characters who should still be alive

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Stranger Things – Credit: Netflix
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2. Bob Newby

Bob Newby was the superhero of Hawkins, and his death was one of the hardest in the entire series for a few reasons.

We first met Bob in season 2 when he walked through the doors of Joyce’s job as a customer, then ended up in the stock room making out with her. We then learned Joyce had a new love in her life, and his name was Bob.

Bob was an easy character to get attached to and like. Not only was Joyce head over heels for him but Johnathan and Will really liked him as well. It’s known that their father really wasn’t in their life at all.

Bob also had a sense of humor about him that everybody seemed to love.

When the demodogs invaded Hawkins Lab with Bob, Joyce, Hopper, Will, and Mike trapped inside, Bob was a real hero when he decided to come out of that locked room to help get everybody to safety.

And he did just that, but unfortunately, it didn’t end well for him.

Just when we thought Bob was safe, a demodog came from the shadows and attacked him. Then, the rest ate him while the rest of the group escaped.

If it wasn’t for Bob Newby, it would be more than just his death we’d be discussing.

Bob Newby will forever be a hero in Hawkins, Indiana.

1. Billy Hargrove

Billy Hargrove is a tricky character for many reasons, and his death is one that many fans still struggle with to this day.

We first met Billy in season 2 when the Hargrove family moved to Hawkins, Indiana from California. The move didn’t sit well with Billy as he immediately showed anger and disappointment about it.

Throughout season 2, we saw the worst side of Billy, including being mean to his sister Max, fighting Steve or showing pure hatred towards Lucas. One thing that we did see in season 2 was Billy’s dad pin him against the wall and threaten him. It was clear Billy was abused growing up, which could explain why he acts the way he does.

In season 3, the Mind Flayer needed a new host, and Billy was the one he chose. Like many fans, I wasn’t too upset about this because of the way Billy had treated other people in the past. Throughout season 3, Billy was trying to track down Eleven and deliver her to the Mind Flayer.

He did just that in episode 8 of season 3 at the Starcourt Mall.

When Billy had Eleven pinned to the ground, Eleven was able to break through to Billy by recalling one of the best days of Billy’s life. That day was Billy and his mom at the beach, having fun and laughing. When we see the flashback, we learn that not only was Billy abused but his dad also abused his mother.

Once Eleven broke through and Billy stood up off the ground, the Mind Flayer went in for the kill on Eleven. Right before he struck her, Billy stepped in and saved Eleven by sacrificing his own life.

One of the toughest scenes in season 3 was Billy lying on the ground taken his final breathes while Max was holding him. Billy told Max he was sorry for everything.

With Billy’s mom’s absence and the abuse that he endured throughout his childhood, you start to feel bad and understand why Billy was the way he was.

Billy never got the chance to grow up and mature into a better man but we will always love him for saving Eleven’s life by sacrificing his own life.

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