Stranger Things 4 news: Hopper’s fate confirmed in new teaser

In a new teaser clip for Stranger Things 4, titled “From Russia with love,” Hopper’s fate is finally confirmed.

Fans are jumping in excitement! Though we all suspected it and came up with all sorts of theories about how Hopper (David Harbour) is “the American” teased in the final moments of Stranger Things 3, we didn’t have an official confirmation from Netflix. Now, the streaming titan has gifted us all with the teaser of all teasers!

SPOILER ALERT! Potential Stranger Things 4 spoilers ahead. 

We did not even have to hit play to know what we were in for, as the title of the video says it all! “From Russia with love”? There could only be one person from Russia who cares to send love, and that’s the one and only Chief Hopper!

The clip, which you can check out again below, shows multiple men working on a railroad track. Conditions are pretty brutal and they are being watched by gunned men and angry dogs. Clearly, these workers are not here by choice. The camera hovers over one of them in particular and our heart skips a beat.

The man stops briefly to wipe his forehead and Hopper is revealed! He is sporting a different look and looking worse for wear, which is understandable. We can’t imagine what he has been going through! Not to mention, the agony of being away from his loved ones. When Eleven finds out, she won’t be happy. We can’t wait to see Eleven go to the rescue!

The press release for the clip also teases that season 4 will be the “biggest and most frightening season yet.” They finish with “pray for the American.” You know we will! Hopper is alive, but he is not out of danger just yet!

Meanwhile, a new horror is surfacing, the release shares. And this new monster is “something long-buried, something that connects everything.” It’s time to speculate, Stranger Things fans!

What a time to be a Netflix fan! First, there are rumors that Lucifer may be renewed for season 6, and now Hopper’s fate has been confirmed? Happy times!

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