Lucifer season 6 might be happening at Netflix

In a twist that no one saw coming, but all were hoping for, Netflix may just hang on to Lucifer for a little bit longer! Here’s what we know.

Just as Lucifans were beginning to accept that the upcoming fifth season of Lucifer would be its last, TVLine hits us with this amazing piece of news: Lucifer is not going anywhere! Well, not any yet, anyway.

According to the source, they have the exclusive scoop that the streaming giant is in talks with Warner Bros. about the future of the handsome Devil!

Now, before you get too excited (I know, it’s too late, we’re all jumping out of our seats), you should know that this is not set in stone. Nothing can ever be official until Netflix confirms it. And, at the moment, they are silent.

Netflix Life is going to keep you posted on the latest buzz as we learn it! But this goes to show that hope is never lost! You may recall how divided Lucifer fans were when the streaming giant announced that season 5 would be the last round for Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar. While some fans accepted this and thanked the cast and crew, anticipating the final episodes with excitement, the other half were not so happy.

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Campaigns and petitions began to trend on Twitter to give the series another season. Netflix met fans in the middle by ordering more episodes and giving us a Part A and Part B, splitting season 5 in two. This pleased the majority of fans, and the riot for more seasons went quiet.

You can imagine the noise this is about to make! It’ll be so loud, Netflix will have to either confirm or deny a sixth season soon.

Lucifer season 5 will consist of 16 episodes, the premiere date has not yet been released.

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