Stranger Things 4 is adding four new characters

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

Stranger Things 4 is looking for actors for four new characters for the upcoming season, including three teenagers and another Russian.

There are a few new characters joining Stranger Things 4. According to a report from TV Line, the show will add at least four new characters for the fourth season, including three teenagers and another Russian (most likely).

Netflix did not confirm the TV Line report, which claims all these new characters will be male roles. The three teenagers are described as a jock, a “metalhead,” and a stoner, according to the report. That sounds about right with this being the 1980s and all.

TV Line recently confirmed that Stranger Things 4 would start production in January 2020. This is early in the search for these characters, and that means that there’s a chance all these characters could change or not even make it into the show by the time the show starts filming, according to the report.

With that, it shouldn’t be a concern that they aren’t looking for actors for female characters at this time. More than likely, they are looking to fill roles for female characters, but that has not been shared with any outlets yet.

With this world expanding in the new season, there will likely be even more new characters added to the story. We know the Byers and Eleven moved to a different town. They’ll be interacting with all sorts of people at school and work and outside of school.

Many of the younger characters in Hawkins will also be starting high school, which means they’ll probably meet older kids. And, that’s not even taking into the whole Russia storyline into account. There are eight new episodes to fill in the new season, and that means more characters!

I’m guessing this cast is going to be a lot bigger heading into season 4, and that’s a very exciting idea. And, this is all very good news. It means that the ball is rolling on Stranger Things 4, and it means the show is branching out a little bit. With every season so far, the show has continued to add top talent in important roles.

In Stranger Things 3, we got to see Maya Hawke join the cast as Robin. She was the standout newbie to join the cast for Stranger Things 3, but there were so many good new characters introduced in season 3.

We had Mayor Kline (Cary Elwes), Bruce the reporter (Jake Busey), Heather (Francesca Reale), Grigori (Andrey Ivchenko), and of course, everyone’s favorite Russian scientist, Alexei (Alec Utgoff).

Most of those characters are older. We didn’t get to meet many new kids, after meeting Max in season 2, but it looks like that’s about two change with the three new teenagers joining this wonderful group of characters.

I have super high hopes for Stranger Things 4, as do most fans after that amazing third season. We’ll be sure to share more news about Stranger Things 4 as we find out! Production should wrap by August 2020.

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