The Ranch Part 7 finale theory: Who shot (SPOILER)?

The Ranch Season 4 - Greg Gayne / Netflix
The Ranch Season 4 - Greg Gayne / Netflix /

Who killed Nick in The Ranch Part 7? We have a few suspects, non-suspects, and an interesting theory about what happened in Nick’s trailer.

The Ranch Part 7 premiered on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 13, and it ended with a bang, literally. Spoilers ahead for Part 7.

In the finale, Abby tells Colt, Beau and Luke that Nick has returned to town after bumping into Nick and Mary in town earlier that day. She knows that it will set things off, but she does it anyway, and she’s right. In order, Beau, Luke, and Colt leave the house to pay Nick a visit.

In the final shot (pun!) of the season, Nick enters his mobile home, says something like “what are you doing here?” and then, there’s a gunshot. Roll credits!

Fans are speculating about who pulled the trigger in the final season of the season, and we have a few suspects, as well as a few characters we can cross off, and one theory about who might have killed Nick.

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Beau is obviously suspect no. 1. He was first to leave the house, he had a gun, and he could have easily made it to Nick’s trailer before anyone else. With all the anger over Rooster’s death, Beau had the motive to kill Nick, and I think that’s exactly what the show wants us to believe.

Personally, I don’t think it was Beau. It seems too easy, and it seems like a much too dark of a turn for this character. I don’t really want Beau to kill anyone, even if some viewers feel like it’s justified.


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The second-most likely person to kill Nick is obviously Mary. We don’t know anything about what happened between Mary and Nick seeing Abby at the pharmacy and when Nick was presumably shot. Mary has had a rough go of things as of late, and it’s possible Nick’s return caused her to do something drastic.


This is less likely, but it’s possible. Could Nick have been the one to pull a gun an intruder? I don’t know why the show would go this way, but again, it’s possible. Will Mary or one of the Bennetts be found dead in Nick’s trailer?


I don’t think this is very likely at all. I don’t think Danny Masterson will ever appear in another episode of The Ranch, but it’s interesting that the writers would take the story in this direction with Nick’s return and the lack of Rooster’s body.


I don’t think Mary would necessarily kill Nick, but her daughter might to keep Nick out of their lives.


Because we didn’t see much in the trailer, it’s going to be tough to rule out a few of the characters. Based on that final scene, I think we can definitely rule out a few, though.


Colt was the last to leave the Bennett house. There’s no way he beat Beau or Luke to the trailer. Unless all three of them were waiting for Nick when he got there, I’m guessing he has nothing to do with Nick’s death, although he might have liked to be.


My reasoning for this is the same as Colt. There’s no way he beat Beau to the trailer, and I don’t think they met up and waited for Nick. That just doesn’t really make sense.

Abby and Joanne 

We know it wasn’t Abby or Joanne. That’s it!


I have a few thoughts who actually pulled the trigger in Nick’s trailer. It’s not Beau. Again, that’s too easy, and I don’t think it’s Nick because that would be quite the twist. Instead, I have another suspect in mind: Maggie. 

Mysteriously, Maggie (Debra Winger) was not in Part 7. The show didn’t announce that she was leaving, which makes me think there’s a chance she will return in Part 8.

If that’s true and she does return, it’s possible that it will be with her holding the gun as Beau, Luke and Colt arrive at Nick’s trailer. I don’t know if Maggie has it in her, but it’s possible.

What do you think happened in Nick’s trailer? Who do you think pulled the trigger? Let us know your theories in the comments below!

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