25 best shows to watch on Netflix this fall

The Crown season 3 - Credit: Sophie Mutevelian
The Crown season 3 - Credit: Sophie Mutevelian /
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1. The Politician

Premiere date: Sept. 27

Netflix’s The Politician lands at the very top of our list! There are many reasons we’re excited for it, but the cast is honestly what grabbed our attention. After watching the trailer for The Politician, we’re instantly addicted and want more. This is going to be one crazy comedy-drama and the streaming giant’s next breakout series. Here’s why you can’t miss out on Ryan Murphy’s upcoming big Netflix debut!

The Politician follows Payton (Ben Platt), an ambitious student with dreams and goals of breaking into the world of politics. But Payton isn’t going to settle for just any role in the oval office, he is aiming for President of the United States, and he has his mother’s Georgia (Gwyneth Paltrow) full support.

Payton’s first step of many to come is student president at Saint Sebastian High School. But will wealth and privilege alone give Payton the honors? It doesn’t work that way anymore, at least, not in The Politician.

The series also stars Jessica Lange, Lucy Boynton, Zoey Deutch, Laura Dreyfuss, and many others. Right on the heels of election time, The Politician is going to be a lot of fun to watch, we all need a laugh during these times of power struggles and politics.

The Politician received a two-season order. So no need to ask the streaming giant for a renewal, it’s definitely coming! Still, don’t wait on this one. You’ll want to watch it as soon as it debuts.

Which series on this list are you most excited to check out this fall? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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