25 best shows to watch on Netflix this fall

The Crown season 3 - Credit: Sophie Mutevelian
The Crown season 3 - Credit: Sophie Mutevelian /
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2. Living with Yourself

Premiere date: Oct. 18

Paul Rudd has faced it all throughout his career as an actor. From camp counselors to Thanos himself! But in the upcoming Netflix series, Living with Yourself, Paul Rudd is going up against…Paul Rudd.

Living With Yourself, created by Timothy Greenberg (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart), we’ll meet Miles (Rudd) a man who submits himself to a sketchy experimental procedure in hopes of improving his life. Sounds relatable enough, right? We have all been there, also desiring to be more productive and happier. This procedure, however, doesn’t give Rudd’s character the results he was hoping for.

At the end of the treatment, Miles is replaced by a new and better version of himself. He must now fight to win his life back, including his wife (Aisling Bea) and his own identity. Both the old Miles and improved Miles will be portrayed by Rudd, of course. So if one Paul Rudd isn’t enough for you, how about double? Why do you think Living with Yourself is at the top of our list?

Despite the serious tone of the premise, the trailer gives hint of both lots of comedy and mystery to come. We also have a feeling this is going to be one heartfelt drama.

The first season of the existential comedy is set to consist of 8 episodes told from multiple perspectives. It may be hard to believe, but this is Rudd’s first leading role in a TV series. The series also stars Alia Shawkat, Desmin Borges, Karen Pittman and others. It launches globally on Friday, Oct. 18.