The Conners: What to expect in season 2

With less than a week left before The Conners season 2 premieres on ABC, new teasers are coming to light. Here’s what to expect from next week’s episode.

The Conners season 2 premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 24, on ABC! Here’s what we expect to see in the new season.

The ending to season 1 of The Conners left a number of plot-threads unresolved, namely Becky’s pregnancy. She was only midway to term the last time we saw her, but TV spots for the season two premiere show Becky (Lecy Goranson) in labor. This means there’ll be a small jump forward in time.

What’s more important in this scene is that Emilio (Rene Rosado) is back. A clear glance at him can’t be confirmed but the man sitting at Becky’s feet looks a lot like him. He doesn’t seem to be wearing a smock or doctor’s coat which means it’s probably Emilio. One might assume D.J. (Michael Fishman) could be the man who’s turned away but the hairstyle and color don’t match up.

Additionally, Emilio’s return implies his ordeal with Immigration and Customs is over — at least for the time being. Season one ended with Emilio being deported so he’s probably been granted a temporary Visa for a visit. His dealings with the government will continue until he becomes a United States Citizen but perhaps that’s already happened.

Before he got sent away, Emilio was more determined than ever to support Becky’s child. With such a goal motivating him, Emilio may have gone through lengthy training to pass the citizenship test. Mind you, the actual test and approval can bring wait-times in the months which means Emilio likely has more negotiating to do.

While the season two premiere will presumably focus on Emilio and Becky, it’s their newborn who has us somewhat concerned. The episode is entitled “Preemies, Weed, and Infidelity” which suggests the child will be premature. A shot of D.J. and Jackie (Laurie Metcal) looking into an incubator provides us with more evidence to back up those claims.

Lastly, the tidbit about infidelity is another aspect to be concerned with. There’s no telling who could be guilty, but if Becky is the person being referenced here, that could be a sign she was wrong about who fathered her child. In that scenario, things could get quite complicated for Becky, Emilio, and the child’s real father.

What are your expectations for The Conners season 2 premiere? Let us know in the comments.

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