South Park gets huge renewal through 2022

The adult animated comedy series South Park isn’t going anywhere folks. Comedy Central renewed the hit series through 2022.

As it is one of Comedy Central’s flagship programs, South Park receiving a renewal for several more seasons doesn’t surprise us in the least. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network recently announced the show’s extension, and it’s driving across the point that South Park won’t be going off the air, despite some calling for the show’s dismissal.

Regardless of what happens between now and 2022, a contract is a contract. The terms of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s deal with Comedy Central are unknown, but if they’re advertising that episodes are guaranteed, we should probably assume they have an ironclad deal for South Park to go on.

In terms of what the next set of episodes will entail, Stone and Parker haven’t said much about their plans moving forward. They’ll presumably avoid the political commentary like they did in season 22, which is probably for the better. Although, the show’s creators name-dropped Mr. Garrison during their discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, suggesting another shift is about to take place.

The past few seasons have kept Mr. Garrison busy with his duties as President, but it may be time for him to return home. He’s always been best suited for life as a teacher, even if he never wanted to admit it. Plus, it’s hard to give Garrison the screen time he deserves when he’s outside the town.

Crucial events have taken place outside the town of South Park but a majority of the important ones were within the city limits. With that known, Mr. Garrison needs to move back if he’s to have a more prominent role in season 23.

Additionally, the show’s creators hinted at a movie they’re planning for the near future. Parker and Stone spoke about their intentions to make another movie during their conversation with THR.

It’s worth mentioning that Stone and Parker’s next film project won’t be related to South Park, nor will it be headed to a streaming service. They want a cinematic release for any movies they make so a film exclusive to a streamer like Netflix or Hulu is out of the question.

Are you excited for South Park’s renewal up to 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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