Netflix is releasing new episodes of some shows weekly

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Netflix will add new episodes of some shows weekly, instead of releasing the full season at one time. Don’t panic, it’s only for a few shows right now.

Netflix is releasing new episodes of some its new shows weekly, according to a report from The new season of The Great British Baking Show will be released weekly as the new season airs on TV in the UK.

In the past, new seasons of The Great British Baking Show were released after the new season aired in the UK. Fans could, then, binge-watch the new season on the streaming service, or not. It was their choice.

Now, Netflix is only releasing one episode at a time, so fans will have to wait to binge-watch the series or watch episodes weekly.

According to the report, the new Hip Hop reality competition series, Rhythm+Flow, will also be released weekly on Netflix. Instead of one-episodes releases, Rhythm+Flow will have multiple available every week. is reporting the first four episodes will be available on Oct. 9, with the next three episodes coming on Oct. 16, and the last three episodes will be released on Oct. 23. That’s not quite the same as The Great British Baking Show, but it’s a little bit closer to the traditional release model.

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Netflix has not commented on this, so we don’t really know what exactly they are planning, if this is a one-time thing, or if it’s an experiment to test how this works.

Everything is somewhat of a test with Netflix, as we all know by now. It’s good that the streaming service is looking at different options as we enter the new age of streaming and the increased competition from Warner’s new streaming service, HBO Max, Apple’s new service, Disney Plus and the others.

It will be really interesting to see how this plays out. I don’t think Netflix will ever truly abandon the release method that they made so popular. Although Netflix didn’t invent binge-watching, they did give fans the opportunity to do it more often. And, that’s never going to change, in my opinion.

Can you imagine having to wait a week to watch a new episode of Stranger Things? Some might like it, but most people do enjoy, or it seems like they enjoy, watching the full season in a short amount of time. I prefer that model for shows like Stranger Things, but I totally understand Netflix releasing reality shows and other types of shows on a weekly basis.

Unlike Stranger Things, there’s a shelf life with a show like The Great British Baking Show, and it helps both Netflix and the other network to have fans talking about the show and watching along.

If it goes well, Netflix will obviously continue it into the future. If it doesn’t go as well as expected, they’ll just switch back to the new full-season release model.

Netflix is in a great position. If Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus and others continue to add content weekly, Netflix, and Amazon, remain the streamers doing it the other way. It provides a nice balance to the way we stream and content is released.

I prefer the full-season release model to HBO and Hulu, and it’s because I can watch at my own pace. If I want to watch three episodes in one sitting, that’s fine. If I want to watch one per week, I can do that, too. I know there are a ton of reasons why people like to watch one episode every week, and that’s cool. I don’t think it’s a huge problem to have different streaming services with different options.

What do you think? Do you want the streaming service to release new episodes weekly? Or, would you rather watch the full season over the opening weekend or binge-watch when you want to?

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