Fear The Walking Dead Season 5: New romance brewing

On the latest Fear The Walking Dead, two of our favorite survivors got to know each other a bit better and could be falling in love. Will they?

The past few episodes of Fear The Walking Dead have been dropping subtle hints about a romance brewing between Morgan (Lennie James) and Grace (Karen David), and now we know there’s a reason for it.

Warning! Spoilers for the latest episodes of Fear The Walking Dead follow.

In the final moments of Season 5, Episode 10, Grace and Morgan are about to head out with the rest of their convoy when Morgan interrupts their departure. Grace is brimming with joy and giddy to get on the road but her new partner isn’t.

Rather than continuing to work with his new friend, Morgan decides to take off again. He’s not going solo again like he’s done in the past, Morgan is just going to provide backup to Althea — or at least that’s what he wants Grace to believe.

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Once the news is relayed to Grace, her optimism visibly fades and she struggles to hold back tears. Grace doesn’t say anything to him but she’s devastated by Morgan’s departure. They just bonded on an intimate level, sharing some of their darkest secrets with one another, but then Morgan goes and bails on her.

While it looks like Morgan simply rebuffed Grace’s advances because of disinterest, his tearing up suggests otherwise. He didn’t make any advances during the many opportune times when he could, though the mere fact that he cried while driving away confirms that he feels something for her.

What we should take away from their interactions is that Grace and Morgan could still find their way into each other’s arms. They’re not on the best of terms now and Grace is going to be more apprehensive than ever to trust someone with her already fragile heart but nothing says these two survivors can’t make it work. June (Jenna Elfman) and John (Garret Dillahunt) figured out how to make their unconventional relationship work — why can’t Morgan and Grace do the same?

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Do you think Grace and Morgan have a future together? Let us know in the comments section below.

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