Netflix doesn’t think subscribers will cancel for Disney Plus, other streaming services

Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things - Credit: Netflix /

It sounds like Netflix is expecting subscribers to keep their Netflix subscription and add other streaming services like Disney Plus.

Based on comments from Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, it doesn’t sound like the streaming network is expecting many subscribers to cancel their Netflix subscription and switch to Disney Plus. Disney’s new streaming service launches on Nov. 12, 2019.

While doing a question and answer session at Series Fest, Sarandos was asked about Disney Plus and other streaming services, according to a report from Sarandos shared his thoughts on Disney Plus and talked about how interesting it is that many of these new streaming services will be exclusive homes to a lot of shows and movies.

With many studios taking back control or keeping control of their shows and movies, there will not be much crossover anymore between streaming services. That makes it much more difficult on subscribers who want more than what Netflix is offering or what Disney Plus is offering.

Here is what Sarandos mentioned during the session, via

"“The thing that’s interesting about all these upcoming services, as well as the services that are in the market today, is that mostly they have none of the same programming,” admits Sarandos. “Nothing that’s on Disney+ is going to be on Netflix and nothing that’s on Netflix is going to be on the [Comcast and WarnerMedia services]. They’re going to be very unique. … I think it’s very likely that [users will] add things.”"

While Sarandos doesn’t explicitly say that subscribers will stay with Netflix, he mentions that he expects users to “add things,” and that seems to confirm the streaming network’s position. If Sarandos thinks the streaming network would lose a lot of subscribers, he would have said “switch” or something like that. “Add” implies users would remain with the streaming network and also add a streaming service like Disney Plus.

More from Disney Plus

Ultimately, that’s the right move for consumers. Disney has a ton of great original content, and so does the streaming network. For about $20 per month, fans can have all that original content to watch. That’s a great, and it’s about a fifth of what most people pay per month for cable and satellite.

Eventually, these prices might rise to high for the average consumer, but that day is not today. Netflix and Disney Plus offer tons of content, and that’s a great value for consumers.

The future of streaming is wide open, and I think many current subscribers will find themselves paying more for content in the next few years. Netflix isn’t slowing down on producing content, and I guarantee Disney and WarnerMedia have a lot of content in the pipeline, too.

Will people really turn down all those shows and movies? It all depends on the price, and that future remains much more uncertain. It seems like it will start to get as expensive as cable is today, and we’ll be bundling streaming services soon. That’s my guess, but it’s all up in the air.

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