25 best Netflix shows coming in the second half of 2019

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24. Elite season 2

The Spanish-language series, Elite, will be back sometime this year as well. It follows three teens as they make their way into an exclusive private school and try to fit in amongst the wealthy students there.

There is no official release date for when Elite will come back but since the first season premiered in October, it looks like we could expect a second season to release around that time as well.

As for what will happen, it will most likely pick up where the finale left off. Nano was falsely-charged with Marina’s murder when the real killer was Polo.

Christian, who knows Polo is the killer, struggled with what the right thing to do was, and Samuel was doing everything he could to clear his brother’s name.

Additionally, Polo was cracking under the pressure of what he did and Carla was trying to keep him together so he wouldn’t incriminate himself. This will most likely continue in season 2

Ander and Omar’s relationship will definitely be explored in the next season as well. In season 1, Omar’s father took none too kindly to hearing that his son is gay and arranged a marriage for him to ensure he could never be with Ander.

The relationship between Guzman and Nadia may also be further explored. Guzman told Lu, his on-again-off-again girlfriend, that he was in love with Nadia in the finale and it’s clear that Nadia has feelings for Guzman.

After his sister’s death, perhaps the two will lean on each other and start a relationship, but it certainly doesn’t look good. After learning of his sister’s death, Guzman got extremely drunk and slept with Lu.

While most of what will happen in season 2 has been kept a secret, Netflix has revealed that there will be at least three new faces on the show and with this series, they are sure to cause plenty of drama.