Lucifer season 5 wish list: Everything we need to see in the new season

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4. Action

Lucifer season 4 features a lot more action and we love it! For the series final go, we would love to see more battles and team-ups! They don’t all need to be action as in fight scenes and extreme sequences, we love a good partnership such as Ella teaming up with Lucifer. These two are partners in crime, sometimes literally.

We also loved when Lucifer helped Amenadiel and when he took on those demons from Hell. More of that in season 5, please!

5. Deckerstar

How is it possible for the series to conclude without Deckerstar? It’s what has been teased since the very first episode and season 5 is the closest we have come to anything actually happening. Sure, there was a kiss, and actions do speak louder than words, but that moment in the season 4 finale when Chloe tells Lucifer she loves him is everything.

It’s a heartbreaking scene to watch for many reasons. First, Chloe is admitting to her feelings, proving to Lucifer and us all that she loves him despite seeing his devil form. Lucifer tells Chloe she is his one true love, and that it never was Eve.

Finally, it’s sad because, despite the exchange of words, Lucifer’s mind has been made, he’s going back to Hell no matter what Chloe does or says. It’s the only solution he sees to keeping those he loves safe. This show may be titled Lucifer, but we need a heavenly satisfying finale.

Can you imagine a wedding? Okay, we won’t be too demanding, but we do want – no, NEED for Lucifer and Chloe to get together officially. Finally, here’s a bonus must-have: Where’s the bullet necklace? Chloe needs to wear it again.

What’s on your wish list for Lucifer season 5?

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