Lucifer season 5 wish list: Everything we need to see in the new season

Lucifer on Netflix via Media Center
Lucifer on Netflix via Media Center /
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2. More characters

We’re not talking about regular characters here, but supernatural ones from both Heaven and Earth. Throughout the Lucifer series, we’ve met some of his family and friends. We’d love to meet more! This is something I truly believe will happen in season 5, not only because it’s the final season and therefore the last chance for others to appear, but due to how things ended in season 4.

Lucifer reluctantly descended to Hell, even after Chloe tells Lucifer she loves him. But will he return to Hell as if nothing ever happened? Surely, I assume, there will be consequences for leaving in the first place and some changes have happened since his departure.

There’s also the fact that we know Lucifer can’t stay there for long. We’re not sure how or when, but Lucifer will return to Earth. Will it be as simple as the first time? Supernatural character introductions are almost a guarantee.

3. Maze’s happiness

Speaking of characters not from Earth, there’s fan favorite Maze. She has never liked or enjoyed her “job” in Hell. Maze made it very clear in season 4 that it was what she was supposed to do. She’s a complicated character, but one thing she desperately desires is happiness. Maze
wants to feel like she belongs, and though she considers Lucifer and the others family, she wants a special someone.

Will it be Eve? Unfortunately, Eve didn’t seem too interested in season 4, but things can change, especially after the most recent events went down. Season 5 needs to give Maze the happiness she very much deserves!