What/If on Netflix: Every character’s shocking secret revealed

What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center
What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center /
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What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center
What/If on Netflix photo via Media Center /

3. Angela’s secret

So much pain and trouble could have been avoided had Angela (Samantha Marie Were) confessed about her affair with Ian (Dave Annable) to Todd (Keith Powers). Then again, if she had, we wouldn’t have the subplot drama we got with this insane love triangle!

Angela, a nurse, and Ian, a doctor, are having a steamy affair and Angela is not considering breaking it off any time soon. Instead, she’s thinking of ways to leave her marriage with Todd. Early on, it’s obvious to everyone but Angela that Ian is not a good guy.

It takes pregnancy and an intense fight with Todd for Angela to realize Ian is petty and sinister. Who stalks their ex by installing cameras in the room? Actually, forget that, who mails them a heart? Yeah, this subplot is not the Grey’s Anatomy plot we first imagine it would be.

Todd is ready to call the police as soon as this bloody package arrives, but Angela stops him and finally tells Todd about Ian. He forgives her and is ready to move on with their lives together, but Ian isn’t about to let that happen.

This wasn’t so much a secret for audiences, we got a look behind the scenes. The big reveal was more for Todd. The entire time he was unbelievably naïve.

In the end, in one of the most bizarre scenes in the series, Ian kidnaps Angela and Todd rescues her and a fistfight ensues! Eventually, Ian steps in a bear trap and Angela then shoots him. For that entire scene, I questioned if I was still watching the same show.