FTWD: New details about season five of Fear The Walking Dead revealed

Jenna Elfman as June, Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Jenna Elfman as June, Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

During an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fear The Walking Dead’s showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss hinted at some interesting facts about the upcoming season. Continue reading for more details.

With the premiere of Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 fast approaching, it’s no surprise to hear that showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg are promoting the season with new interviews. Their latest discussion was during an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly.

Warning! Potential spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 follow. Read on at your own discretion.

In their interview with EW, Chambliss and Goldberg gave fans quite a bit to ponder over, most of which revolved around how Dwight (Austin Amelio) would factor into the upcoming season. Neither showrunner specified exactly how Dwight would get from Virginia to Texas but audiences will definitely learn how in Season 5.

Additionally, the showrunners indicated that Season 5 wouldn’t include a major time-jump as prior seasons did. Ian Goldberg told EW that the story will pick up a few months after the Season 4 finale. This will grant audiences with a look at how the journey has affected them thus far, as well as a deeper dive into their motivations for helping others. Though for most of them, it’s redemption.

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Seeing as how each member of Morgan’s crew has something to atone for, it makes sense that they’re making an effort to redeem themselves. Some of the survivors have more to atone for than others but they’re all in need of redemption. Our concern is how far they’re willing to go for that measure of peace.

Considering what we already know about AMC’s Dead series, any time a character seeks redemption, they find it. The problem is that accomplishing such a goal usually requires a sacrifice be made. And in most cases, fans are heartbroken over the characters sacrificed in lieu of that. For evidence, just take a look at Seasons 6 and 7 of The Walking Dead.

As far as FTWD goes, the emphasis on redemption is what has us worried that one — or possibly two — of our favorite characters will meet untimely ends. John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt), for instance, was spotted on set with makeup on that resembled radiation burns. We know Morgan’s crew will stumble into a radioactive zone at some point in Season 5 so John could be afflicted by deadly radiation poisoning. There’s a chance John can recover but his body has already been subjected to so much abuse.

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In Season 4, John suffered a potentially fatal gunshot wound to the stomach and then Martha (Tonya Pinkins) poisoned him with antifreeze, bringing the expert marksman even closer to death. He survived all of that but a bout of radiation poisoning — in a world devoid of modern medicine — could be the affliction that John finally succumbs to.

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What are your expectations for Fear The Walking Dead Season 5? Let us know in the comments section below.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on June 3, 2019. Seasons 1-4 are currently streaming on Hulu. For more on FTWD, follow us on the Hulu Watcher Twitter Account @HuluWatcherFS or on the Hulu Watcher Facebook Page.