Game of Thrones’ writers chose a finale that left very few fans satisfied


Game of Thrones put plot — and twists — over established characterization in a series finale that left very few people happy. Do you share this sentiment?

It’s hard to deliver a finale that makes all fans happy, but in this day and age it’s also incredibly hard to deliver a finale that makes almost no one happy, and yet, somehow, that’s what Game of Thrones managed to do with “The Iron Throne,” the last episode of the HBO drama.

The problems are too varied to describe in detail, varying from the way the show failed at writing female characters to the various dangling plot threads left unaddressed. But perhaps the most egregious issue was the way the show’s writers decided to prioritize plot over characters.

Plot vs. Character is the age-old dilemma when it comes to any kind of writing. Your ideal scenario is having your characters serving your plot, of course, because that’s driving the story forward, but you never want your plot to go against the characters you build up over time. Because when people don’t fall in love with plots, they fall in love with the characters.

You never want people to look at the final episodes of something you’ve been building towards for ten years and go: wait, what …how did that even happen? And yet, at many points during the Game of Thrones series finale, the collective social media response was that of perplexity.

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In the end, no matter if you liked where the characters ended up, that makes for a disappointing finale. It’s not necessarily about how it ends but rather the journey taken with these characters, — and the payoffs you get for things that were promised along the way.

Game of Thrones’ writers, however, decided to forego payoff for shock, and ultimately, that’ll be the legacy left behind. It’s a shame really, especially considering the HBO drama could’ve ended with fans clamoring for more. But instead, fans are just hoping the next iteration doesn’t make the same mistakes that this series did.

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What were your thoughts on the GOT series finale? Let us know in the comments section below.

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