5 things we want to see in Lucifer season 5

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Lucifer on Netflix via Media Center /
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Lucifer on Netflix via Media Center /

Now that we have completed our Lucifer season 4 binge-watch, we have a wish list of what we want to see in Lucifer season 5!

Lucifer season 5 is not officially happening at Netflix yet. The show has not been renewed for a fifth season, but that isn’t stopping fans from speculating and already knowing what they want to see in the next chapter. Let us hope! In the meantime, Netflix needs to hurry with that season order.

The fourth season of Lucifer premiered on Netflix earlier this month and fans rushed to watch it. Just last week, Lucifer was the No. 1 most binge-watched series on Netflix, according to TV Time’s Binge Report. It’s obvious fans love the series and want more. Fingers crossed we hear from Netflix soon about Lucifer‘s future.

The series has been through hell and back, both literally and figuratively. After being canceled by Fox, Netflix happily stepped in and resuscitated the devil. Though season 4 is a shorter season compared to previous seasons, the drama and action are nonstop.

The latest season leaves us with many questions and eager for more. Here are 5 things we want to see in season 5.

Spoiler alert! If you have yet to watch the fourth season of Lucifer, please note there are massive spoilers ahead. Go finish all the episodes before reading…

5. Lucifer’s return

In the final moments of Lucifer, realizing evil will never stop following him and those he loves, Lucifer decides to head back down to Hell. The way Lucifer sees it, he has been denying who he truly is. This moment is heartbreaking since we were once again so close to Chloe and Lucifer finally getting together.

Will Lucifer return? Of course! This is a given. There can’t be a Lucifer without him. However, we wouldn’t mind seeing Lucifer in Hell for at least one episode. It would be very cool to see Lucifer at “work,” before he makes his big comeback.

What do you think it will be that makes Lucifer return? Will he realize he can’t be without Chloe in his life? Or will he learn she’s in trouble and rush to help? Let the theories begin!