5 things we want to see in Lucifer season 5

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4. Baby Charlie

We really want to see more of Amenadiel and Linda’s adorable baby boy, Charlie! The little one had a pretty important role in the final episode of season 4, “Who’s da New King of Hell?” Demons kidnapped Charlie in hopes of performing a ritual that will make Charlie the new King of Hell. This is the main reason Lucifer comes to the realization that Hell can’t be without him.

Luckily, Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze and Eve were able to rescue little Charlie just in time. But we would love to see more of him. Not in danger, of course.

Will he grow wings as Linda suspects? Could he posses any special any abilities? Who doesn’t want to watch baby Charlie grow into a cute little boy? He is literally an angel and we’re so curious about him.

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3. Inbar Lavi

More Inbar Lavi, please! Audiences absolutely loved Lucifer‘s latest addition! Yes, Charlie, but even more — Eve! Knowing Eve would only be by Lucifer’s side for a few episodes (because come on, we never doubted Chloe is his one true love), it was fun seeing the two together.

Eve definitely brings out a sinister side to Lucifer, though, and as cool as it is to watch at times, it’s not what we want for Lucifer. Still, Lavi lit up the screen and we can’t wait to see if season 2 will bring her back.

If Eve does return, we want to see her with Maze! Yes, romantically! Maze is obviously into Eve, I believe the two would make a great pair. Maze is also determined to find a larger purpose after Linda encouraged her to find real love and not a casual affair. There’s no one better than Eve for that, who is also alone.