5 teen romance movies to watch on Netflix if you like To All The Boys

The Kissing Booth - Credit: Marcos Cruz
The Kissing Booth - Credit: Marcos Cruz /

The Kissing Booth and five teen romance movies that you can watch this summer while you wait for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before has been a very popular romantic comedy on Netflix. As soon as it came out, it was a hit, and that’s why there’s a sequel in the works!

The sequel, which is based on the second book of Jenny Han’s trilogy, is titled P.S. I Still Love You, and it’s already wrapped filming. Fans are so excited about this news, but we will have to do some waiting. We don’t know how long the wait will be.

Luckily, there are more great teen romances on Netflix, and we picked five you should watch while you wait for To All The Boys 2. 

If you enjoyed To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, these will probably be some that you will also like.

The Kissing Booth

This movie is about two friends Elle and Lee who have been friends forever. They even made up a set of rules and the most important one is that Lee’s older brother Noah is off limits. Elle soon discovers her feelings for Noah and has to make a big decision. Does she follow her heart, or does she follow the rules she and Lee have made?

The Kissing Booth is one of the most popular movies on Netflix.

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The Perfect Date

This movie features Noah Centineo playing a guy who starts his on dating app. He goes on dates and they can decide what date and how they want him to act. His dating app business is going great until he begins to have feelings for someone.

Centineo stars in the Netflix original film with Riverdale’s Camila Mendes.

Candy Jar

Bennett and Lona are both on the debate team and they have had a rivalry for a long time. They are both elite students and have been working to be the best. Eventually, they end up having to work together to get into their dream colleges and put their hatred for each other aside. They end up finding out that they have more in common than they thought.

F the prom

Cole and Maddie were best friends until Maddie became popular and Cole didn’t. Maddie is the most popular girl in school now, but her life is not as perfect as it seems. Maddie ends up catching her best friend and boyfriend kissing. After losing the ones closest to her, she turns to Cole to help her take over the prom.

The Last Summer

This movie follows different high school students on their last summer before they start college. This follows their relationships and friendships and what journey they go on before starting a new chapter in their life.

The Last Summer has an A-List teen movie cast, including Riverdale’s KJ Apa, Tyler Posey, Maia Mitchell, Jacob Latimore and Halston Sage.

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