When will Netflix renew Lucifer for season 5 or cancel the series?

Lucifer - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
Lucifer - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /

When will Lucifer fans find out if Netflix renews Lucifer for season 5 or cancels the hit series? Usually, Netflix announces a renewal within a month or two from the release date.

When is Netflix going to announce the Lucifer season 5 renewal? Or, when will they – gulp – cancel the Netflix original series? That’s one the questions Lucifer fans are trying to find the answer to after binge-watching season 4 on the streaming service.

Since Lucifer is a fairly new show to Netflix, fans might not be as familiar with the way Netflix does business. Usually, Netflix waits one or two months after the release date to announce a decision on the series. Recently, the streaming network has been sticking to that timeline.

For instance, Netflix canceled Santa Clarita Diet almost exactly one month after season 3 premiered, and the network renewed On My Block for a new season exactly one month after the latest season premiered.

So, the most likely scenario is we find out about the Lucifer season 5 renewal or cancellation in the first week of June. Lucifer season 4 premiered on May 8, and I bet we’ll know which direction Netflix will take with this series by June 8. That’s my prediction at this point.

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That’s Netflix’s usual M.O., but they don’t always stick to it. Sometimes they announce renewals more quickly as they did with After Life and The Order. There’s definitely a chance we could know the fate of Lucifer in the next two weeks. 

Right now, I’m expecting Netflix will renew Lucifer season 5. I’ve already written about that at greater length. The fan support for this show has been unlike we’ve seen at Netflix this year, and I don’t think the network will cancel the show after that. If they know the show is going to come back, I think they’ll film something announcing the renewal and get it out as soon as they can.

The longer we don’t hear about a season 5 renewal, the more fans have to worry about a cancellation. I don’t think Netflix will cancel this series, but I didn’t think they’d cancel American Vandal, the Marvel shows, or Santa Clarita Diet. None of those shows are as big as this series right now, aside from, maybe, Daredevil. 

At the time of publishing, it shouldn’t be much longer until Netflix renews this series for season 5. We’ll be sure to let you know more about the future of the series when we find out! Here’s to hoping we see another season of the hit series very soon.

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