Netflix should renew Lucifer for season 5

LUCIFER - Lucifer season 4 - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix
LUCIFER - Lucifer season 4 - Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix /

After a great Lucifer season 4, Netflix should renew Lucifer for season 5 and bring the new Netflix original back for at least one more season.

“Will Netflix renew Lucifer season 5?”

That’s the question we keep seeing asked on social media after fans finish Lucifer season 4, which was just released on Netflix on Wednesday, May 8. At the time of publishing, Netflix has not renewed Lucifer season 5, at least not publicly, but fans should not be worried at all yet!

The first season as Netflix original series is really good. It might be the best season of the former Fox show ever, and that’s a great sign for the series moving forward. The show benefitted from a shorter season, no commercial breaks and the ability to push boundaries with language, nudity and themes they couldn’t present on broadcast TV.

Netflix knows this, and they are paying very close attention to the series, as well as calculating who and how many are watching season 4. Quickly, the streaming network will realize, if they haven’t already, Lucifer season 5 should be ordered as soon as possible.

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I don’t want to get into spoilers because so many still haven’t had the time to finish season 4, but the ending definitely lends itself to another season and this story continuing. Lucifer season 5 is on the table for the creators, or so it seems, and that’s another great sign.

In addition, the fan response to the series has been overwhelming. Lucifer will be one of the most popular shows of the month on any network, and that’s saying a lot considering it’s competing with Game of Thrones for eyeballs this weekend. With so many people watching the show AND the creators setting up the story for another season, this should be a no-brainer for the streaming network.

Most of all, Netflix owes it to the fans to give Lucifer another season, but mainly, they owe it to fans to give the show an ending it deserves. Whether that comes in season 5, season 6, in a special, or multiple seasons down the road, that’s the ending a show like Lucifer deserves after fans put so much time and energy into saving this series.

I understand that it’s all business and Netflix might make another decision, but it’s much better for morale and having a product with a set ending for Netflix and their business. No one wants to read a book that’s missing the last few chapters, and no one wants to watch a show without a clear ending.

For Netflix’s investment in the series to make sense, Lucifer has to be renewed for season 5, and I think it will be. It’s all just a matter of time before Netflix announces the renewal.

As we have mentioned, it usually takes about a month for Netflix to announce a show’s renewal for another season. That means we should find out about the future of the series in June.

Stay tuned for more news about Lucifer season 5!

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