Netflix shares new Lucifer season 4 reunion special with the cast

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Two days before the Lucifer season 4 premiere, Netflix shared a Lucifer reunion special to celebrate the new season and show’s revival. Watch the special on Netflix now!

Netflix just shared a Lucifer reunion special to hype the release of season 4 on May 8. Watch the special on Netflix now.

Lucifer was saved almost a year ago thanks to fans social media efforts and the #SaveLucifer campaign. Back in May last year, Fox announced the cancellation of the beloved show, and fans immediately took to Twitter to save their show. After a month of relentless tweeting, the show was picked up by streaming giant, Netflix.

To celebrate being given a new life and to thank the fans, both the team at Lucifer and Netflix have wanted to make things special for the fans by treating them to several things in the lead up to season 4.

So far, fans have been given a teaser promo in the lead up to another teaser which announced the premiere date for season 4. Then, two weeks ago, fans were given the official trailer for season 4.

In this week leading up to the show’s arrival, the Lucifer Twitter page has been giving fans plenty of little treats, including all title episodes and a clip of the special that included a link to watch the half-hour special on Netflix right now!

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Check out the tweet from the Lucifer Twitter account!

For the special, the main cast Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin Alejandro, Rachael Harris and Aimee Garcia got together. They then go through their nine circles of Hell and converse about each one. They also discuss some behind-the-scenes fun.

At the end of the special, the entire cast thank the fans for their efforts in saving their show and explain just how much it means to them to have such a fanbase that cares so much about the series as they all do.

For those wanting to watch the special, it is currently available on Netflix.

The first three seasons of the series currently available to watch on Netflix US and Amazon Prime for UK viewers.

Season 4 premieres on May 8 only on Netflix!

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