Lucifer season 4: Netflix announces May 8 release date in new teaser

LUCIFER -- CR: FOX -- Acquired via FOX Flash
LUCIFER -- CR: FOX -- Acquired via FOX Flash /

Lucifer fans across the world right now have been given the day of their lives as Netflix finally dropped the long-awaited release date for Lucifer season 4.

Lucifer season 4 is scheduled to be released on Netflix on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, according to a new teaser trailer posted to Netflix social media accounts.

It has almost been a year since Fox canceled the beloved show about everyone’s favorite Devil. Lucifer fans and cast members rallied to get the show saved. Luckily, Netflix came to the rescue, seeing what the show meant to its fans and saved it.

Since then, Netflix, the cast and crew have been teasing fans of the new season with the titles to episodes, along with some behind the scenes pictures and little hints of what is to come.

One thing they have kept tight-lipped on, however, is when the show would actually be released on the streaming service. See What’s Next, one of Netflix’s many Twitter accounts, teased earlier in the year that the release date of the air date would have significance, and it definitely does.

Lucifer season 4 will be released on May 8, only on Netflix. The time in which Netflix posted the announcement was exactly 666 hours until the air date! How clever of Netflix?

Unlike previous seasons, all episodes of season 4 will be released at the same time. This is common for most Netflix shows. And, fans everywhere will be able to stream the series at the same time.

Along with the announcement, came a new promotional poster and a teaser trailer just to make fans swoon even more over the eagerly-anticipated new season.

Check out the teaser trailer and announcement below posted to the Netflix YouTube Channel.

How dashing does The Devil himself look emerging from the water? And when did he get his new tattoo? All we know is, we cannot wait for the new season and neither can the fans!

Speculation has also already begun about Lucifer’s wings, thanks to this new promo poster also released with the air date. Do you think his wings have changed? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Until then, The first 3 seasons are available to watch on Netflix US and will soon be available on Netflix UK too.

Lucifer also just won 2019 Netflix Life Madness. Fans are eager to welcome Lucifer and all the great characters from this series to the streaming service.

Stay tuned for more information about Lucifer season 4!

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