Stranger Things 3: 15 fan theories crazy enough to be true

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Stranger Things 3
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Stranger Things 3 won’t arrive until this summer, but in the meantime, we want to explore 15 fan theories that just might be true.

Stranger Things 3 is on the way and as soon as fans learned even the smallest bit of information about the season, the theories began. It isn’t surprising that the show garnered a huge fan base with its 80s nostalgia and a likable cast.

Prior to this season, I’ve never really taken a look at all of the fan theories for this show. However, not knowing what to really expect with season 3, it felt like a good time to check them out. Reddit isn’t always the best site, but some fun theories do surface on the Stranger Things subreddit. I’ll admit, I don’t check it out as much as I should. There are some fun theories, fan art and much more over there. I highly recommend taking a look for yourself.

Keep in mind that some of these theories could be considered spoilers if you haven’t wanted to watch any of the promotional material for the show and since some of them could wind up being accurate. Read on at your own discretion.

There are a lot of theories out there, but we’re taking a look at 15 of them. The following fan theories range all have some substance to them and it’ll be interesting to see which ones play out on the screen.