Stranger Things 3: 15 fan theories crazy enough to be true

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We meet Eleven’s real dad

From the start of the show, we didn’t know much about Eleven’s history. We slowly learned about her time with Dr. Brenner, but the show has yet to dive into her backstory. However, Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds covers more of her story.

While not everyone who watches the show will necessarily read the book, it does have a lot of information in it. USA Today has a nice breakdown of how Eleven’s backstory is covered in the book and what all it encompasses. You’ll learn more about her family, but the details largely focus on her mother, Terry. I haven’t read it myself, so I can’t speak to the exact details of the book. I do plan to read it before the new season drops in July just to see what other areas the new season could possibly touch on.

It would be great to see Eleven’s dad appear in Stranger Things 3. Even though Hopper has been a great father figure for her, we already saw Eleven head out on her own looking for answers. This time, the show could bring some of the answers to her in Hawkins.

This could be a source for tension between Hopper and whoever Eleven’s real father is, too. What if her real father will want custody of her? He’d have more of a right than Hopper as long as he’s deemed competent enough to gain custody of her. This is one fan theory that could definitely throw a wrench into the dynamics.