The Ranch star Dax Shepard’s show Bless This Mess premieres on April 16

The Ranch - Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix
The Ranch - Credit: Greg Gayne / Netflix /

Dax Shepard, star of Netflix’s The Ranch, stars in a new ABC series Bless This Mess with Lake Bell. The series premieres on April 16.

The Ranch star Dax Shepard has a new show coming out next week. Bless This Mess premieres on ABC at 9:30 ET on Tuesday, April 16.

Shepard and Lake Bell star in Bless This Mess, along with Ed Begley Jr., Pam Grier, and JT Neal. The seris was created by Bell and Liz Meriwether, the New Girl creator.

In the series, the pair play a married couple who move out of the city and into a dilapidated house in a very small town. They try to get used to their new lifestyle.

The show has a The Ranchvibe. Obviously, it’s not a multi-cam sitcom, but it has a lot of good jokes, based on the trailer. If you are a fan of the Netflix original series The Ranch, you definitely should check out Shepard’s new series.

The Ranch Part 7 likely coming to Netflix in June 2019. light. More

Check out the trailer for the series below.

Shepard’s future with The Ranch likely depends on the success (or failure) or Bless This Mess. If the show comes back for new episodes, Shepard might be too busy to film episodes of The Ranch, and if it’s canceled, it’s likely his schedule will open up again.

We’re expecting Shepard will be in Part 7. The show definitely didn’t end his character’s arc, although they don’t need to address it if they don’t want to. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it sounds like Part 7 of The Ranch has finished filming, so we’ll likely find out soon if Shepard was involved with Part 7 very soon.

The Ranch is coming back for season 4 at Netflix. Season 4 kicks off with Part 7, and we’re expecting to see Part 7 on Netflix in June 2019 with Part 8 coming in December 2019.

We don’t know if the series will be back for season 5. There have been a few reports claiming season 4 is the final season of the series. We’re waiting for Netflix to confirm if the series is coming back or not. Stay tuned for more news there.

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