The Ranch will end after season 4: Report

The Ranch - Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix
The Ranch - Credit: Saeed Adyani / Netflix /

According to a new report, The Ranch starring Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott will end after season 4.

We have bad news for fans of The Ranch.

According to a report from VarietyThe Ranch season 4 will be the final season of the Netflix original series.

It’s not official because Netflix has not confirmed the show’s final season, but with the way things are going, it sure seems like this will be the last season of the series. It may, indeed, be the last season of the series, but Netflix just hasn’t made it public yet.

In a profile The Ranch star Sam Elliott, his career and his role in A Star is Born, Variety mentioned Elliott was shooting the “fourth and final season” of The Ranch. 

Here is the full sentence, so you can see Netflix Life is not pulling it out of context, via Variety:

"Tomlin then encouraged him to join her Netflix series “Grace and Frankie” for a few episodes, playing the love interest of Jane Fonda. He soon became a regular on another Netflix series, “The Ranch,” which is shooting its fourth and final season."

As far as I know, this is the first time a major publication has mentioned The Ranch ending after season 4. Although it feels like the series was building to the fourth season being the final season, Netflix has not commented about that publicly, and neither has anyone associated with the series.

Netflix renewed the series for season 4 prior to the release of Part 6 in December 2018. The full season will be split into two parts, Part 7 and Part 8, and each part will likely consist of 10 episodes, like all previous seasons of the show.

That’s the good news in all this, I guess. The Ranch fans will get at least 20 more episodes of the series before the series ends.

We’re expecting Part 7 will be released on Netflix in June 2019, while the final episodes of the series will be released in December 2019.

UPDATE: Sam Elliott mentioned The Ranch season 4 will “supposedly” be the final season of the series.

We will be sure to let you know if Netflix confirms the news that The Ranch season 4 will be the final season or whenever they comment on the Variety report. Stay tuned for more information.

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