One Day at a Time canceled at Netflix after three seasons

ONE DAY AT A TIME - Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix
ONE DAY AT A TIME - Credit: Ali Goldstein/Netflix /

One Day at a Time will not be renewed for season 4. Netflix canceled the original series starring Justina Machado and Rita Moreno after three seasons.

One Day at a Time has come to an end at Netflix. According to a report from Variety, One Day at a Time has been canceled by the streaming network after three successful seasons.

This news is not exactly surprising. Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce, the creators of the series starring Justina Machado and Rita Moreno, shared the news recently that the show was in jeopardy of being canceled after season 3 dropped in early February.

Fans campaigned for this series to be renewed for season 4, and unfortunately, that campaign eventually came up a little short, as we just learned. There was a similar fan campaign to save the series after season 2, and the show was renewed for season 3, obviously.

This is such a bummer. One Day at a Time was/is one of Netflix’s best shows ever, and it’s a shame they are giving up on a show that probably has pretty low costs for production compared to some of the other Netflix projects.

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Netflix also shared a statement about canceling the show. While nice, it does feel a little empty to me.

We all know Netflix has their algorithms that help determine if shows come back for new seasons or they get canceled. Netflix claimed the low viewership was the problem with this show. That’s the conclusion we came to when the creators shared news that the show was on the chopping block a few weeks ago.

I usually agree with Netflix’s decision-making when it comes to canceling shows. There is always evidence that Netflix could point to if they wanted to be open and transparent about it, but I think they are making a big mistake here. One Day at a Time is a show worth saving. It’s so good for so many different reasons, diversity, inclusion, and the topics it discusses in the show to name a few.

With the battle for eyeballs getting tougher on Netflix every day, they need to be the streaming service of the people to stay relevant, and canceling good shows like One Day at a Time will not do them any favors when it comes to subscriber loyalty. Perception matters in this industry and the people will not be happy with this decision, and I do think it will hurt Netflix in the long run.

Right now, people think Netflix is the “big bad” for canceling all these shows like Daredevil, American Vandal, Everything Sucks and more. That’s not a good look.

This might not be the end of the road for One Day at a Time, though. Variety is reporting the series is being shopped to other studios and networks.

Will someone take a chance on this series? We sure hope so!

Stay tuned for more news about the future of One Day at a Time. 

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