Netflix’s Roma wins the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film

ROMA - Photo by Carlos Somonte
ROMA - Photo by Carlos Somonte /

Stay calm and Netflix on! Roma just won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film!

Roma just won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film just mere moments after Alfonso Cuaron accepted the Oscar for Best Cinematography. Could Roma sweep at this year’s Oscars? From the looks of it, HELL YES! The second Oscar win for this Netflix Original movie is huge considering it premiered on a streaming service.

This could very well shape and shift the future of Oscar-nominated movies forever, don’t you think? Cuaron took the stage to accept the Foreign Language Film award for Mexico and the excitement and joy were palpable in the room as he reflected on this incredible piece of work.

Along with Mexico’s Roma, the other movies nominated in this category included:

  • Capernaum (Lebanon)
  • Cold War (Poland)
  • Never Look Away (Germany)
  • Shoplifters (Japan)

If I’m being 100% honest, I didn’t even give the other movies a second thought because all my hopes and dreams were invested in this movie. Every single aspect of the movie was mindblowing, inspiring, and heartfelt in ways that are incredibly hard to describe.

The 2019 Academy Awards has been working out wonderfully in Roma’s favor with plenty of major awards still yet to come. And considering that the film has already snagged the Best Foreign Language Film, it is just one more Oscar away from making its place in Oscar history. So, let’s cross our fingers and send all the good vibes we can for this incredibly inspiring and uplifting movie. It deserves every bit of praise and acknowledgment it is receiving, and even that is putting it lightly.

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