Fox’s The Gifted recap: The Inner Circle’s vision is coming to fruition

THE GIFTED: L-R: Guest star Michael Luwoye, Jamie Chung and Sean Teale in the "meMento" episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Jan. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.
THE GIFTED: L-R: Guest star Michael Luwoye, Jamie Chung and Sean Teale in the "meMento" episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Jan. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX. /

On the latest episode of Fox’s The Gifted, the Inner Circle make headway into creating a new and more devastating plan. But can the Mutant Underground rustle up enough support to fight them?

New Orleans, LA. 1985. Andreas Von Strucker (Carsten Norgaard) goes to an antique shop to collect a music box. The antique dealer is intrigued by the box and asks Andreas if he can purchase it but Andreas will not part with it — it belonged to someone he was very close to and is the only hope for his people. To ensure the box’s secret is safe, Andreas murders the man and leaves. This simple box will play a huge part in this episode of Fox’s The Gifted, currently streaming on Hulu.

Present day. Lauren Strucker (Natalie Alyn Lind) has become obsessed with that same music box and her father, Reed (Stephen Moyer), is concerned. Perhaps fighting alongside her brother Andy (Percy Hynes White), in the previous episode of The Gifted, has changed her somehow. But Kate (Amy Acker) would rather concentrate on how Lauren can help dismantle the Inner Circle.

Kate and Reed meet with Marcos (Sean Teale), and Clarice (Jamie Chung) to discuss their next move. With John (Blair Redford) still healing from his encounter with the Purifiers, they still have to decide on what to do next. Despite reservations about attacking, Kate convinces them that if they don’t rally the Underground now — then when?

At the Inner Circle’s hideout, Andy calls Lorna (Emma Dumont) to meet the new recruits. Reeva Payge (Grace Byers) talks to them about training for a big mission. They shrug off her orders, showing with a simple parlor trick. Reeva, who is not impressed, uses her sonic ability to put them back in their place. She needs discipline and commitment — this is “her house and her rules”. The mutants agree to abide by them.

Lorna recognizes these mutants — they’re mass murderers who killed thousands of innocent people on a cruise ship. But Reeva — she’s more focused on the task at hand. She reminds Lorna what they are up against — emphasizing the Purifier’s latest bold attack strategy.

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During another social call, Jace Turner (Coby Bell) tells Benedict Ryan (Peter Gallagher) about his plan to take down the Mutant Underground. Ryan doesn’t like Turner’s approach so he suggests that Jace lead the Purifiers on a different type of mission.

Lauren listens to the music box that night and dreams of the original Fenris, about the day Andrea Von Strucker was killed. As the dream becomes more vivid, Lauren manifests a new ability — a luminescent projectile that slices through everything in its path.

Reed and Kate are concerned about Lauren but are also curious about her dreams — since it wasn’t about Andy, as has been the case in this season of The Gifted.

When Lauren wakes, she lies and says she doesn’t remember. Kate and Reed don’t think anything of it but another problem begins to brew.

The landlord of their building comes knocking after receiving noise complaints. He asks Reed indirectly about there being mutants around. Reed lies, saying his daughter, ‘Laila’, had a seizure. So many lies just to stay safe.

As Turner readies the Purifiers for an incursion, Officer Ted Wilson (Tom O’Keefe) questions what is happening. He built the Washington chapter of the Purifiers but he’s being shut out. When Wilson confronts Jace, the former Sentinel Services Agent deflects, asking Wilson to join him on a separate mission.

On his way to convince more mutants to their cause, Marcos is car-jacked by Lorna. Lorna asks him for his help but Marcos is furious and yells at her. He calms down when Lorna tells him that Reeva has planned something ‘monstrous’. Marcos is a good man, Lorna says, and he won’t turn his back on the greater good just because Lorna treated him badly.

The police arrive at the Struckers’ home asking about mutants. Kate tells the police that mutants are out on the street and Lauren uses her powers from within her room to cause a distraction outside. The police buy the trick and leave the Struckers alone. Reed thinks that they are taking too many risks but Lauren assures him that she is in control. Is she?

THE GIFTED: Guest star Michael Luwoye in the "meMento" episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Jan. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX.
THE GIFTED: Guest star Michael Luwoye in the "meMento" episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Jan. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Annette Brown/FOX. /

Clarice and Marcos meet with Erg (Michael Luwoye) and the Morlocks, asking for their help. Marcos also learns that Clarice is called Blink by the Morlocks. Erg makes it clear that the Morlocks will not fight the surface world’s war, instead, he asks Blink to join them, so he can keep her safe. Blink refuses — she can’t hide down here when she should be up there fighting.

Marcos meets up with his mutant refugee friend, Glow (Laysla De Oliveira), who had joined the Morlocks early in season two of The Gifted. They almost kiss but Marcos pulls back at the last minute. Glow believes Marcos needs to find the strength to forgive Lorna if he is to move on.

The Purifiers question two young mutants at a children’s shelter. Though Jace is trying to be reasonable while talking to one of the boys, his discussion is cut short by a gunshot. Wilson has shot the other young mutant, insisting that the boy was going to attack him. Jace calls for an ambulance but it’s too late — the boy is dead. Wilson killed an unarmed mutant boy and Jace finds himself lying to the police to keep Wilson safe.

Lorna and Marcos share the little information they have and finally reconcile. Before heading out to a train yard where the Inner Circle are planning to meet, the two share a kiss and their powers make a beautiful aurora borealis.

Benedict Ryan is using the incident of the dead young mutant to evangelize about the dangers all mutants pose. Jace’s wife Paula calls him, having watched the show and says their late daughter would be proud of Jace. This is too much for Jace, who makes an excuse to ring off. What has he got himself into?

John is finally up and apologizes to Clarice about the way he reacted to her meetings with Erg. But their conversation is interrupted by a call from Evangeline Whedon (Erinn Ruth). She is gathering the Underground so they can fight the Inner Circle.

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Lauren finds a secret compartment in the music box — in it is a letter from Andreas Von Strucker instructing his descendants to carry on their work, and some DNA from him and his sister. This gives her the impetus to confront the nosy landlord, threatening him with dire consequences if he tries to hurt her family again.

Lorna and Marcos had been waiting hours at the train yard when Reeva finally arrives to meet… Benedict Ryan! They exchange files but have a heated exchange. Have they been in cahoots all along?

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